Saturday, March 30, 2013


The Festival of Colors has come back around
and I went back for round 3. 

Apparently I just can't get enough.
But who can blame me...
Good food, fun people, llamas, gorgeous Temple, and bright COLORS.
So many colors!

This year, I colored up with these two darlings
Kris and Katie, plus me, makes...

We bought the package meal that comes with your ticket
Because.. there is no other way to this thing..
The food is so good and so cheap

It's official Color Fest tradition to take profile pics.

Kid on far left with glasses = photo bomber
Well done kid.

This year, Derek decided he was too cool for fun,
So I went with these awesome kids...

They know fun....

Kris, was taken advantage of... but we may never find the culprit

I made a new friend
His name is Scott
He is rad.

Driving home without destroying your car is not an easy task
I can assure you I will be finding colors on my clothing months from now..
The car hides it and saves it for later

Kris and I got Frozen Yogurt at Luna Berry afterwards
It's fun to frighten those not aware of the Festival of Colors

Two showers later....
I eventually had to get it chopped off
This has not happened to me in the previous years
I was not a happy camper...

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