Friday, October 25, 2013

Toy Bombs and the twins

Drove to Provo for 
another brilliant show!
Toy Bombs you never let us down.

Team Kris and Kris accidentally dressed like twins.
Same name, same shirt
get over it. 

After the show
we headed over to the one and only
City Limits!
Our favorite

Derek danced for us... :)
 Kris and I decided to clean out their supply of jello shots.
They were tasty

We laughed at this Oompa Loompa forever... not sure why... 

On the way home...
we obviously couldn't pass by Derek's old stomping grounds... 
I am not going to lie to you,
I was actually worried that Der may die from over consumption...
I mean Derek can always put it back,
but he really out did himself this time. 
I think Kris was frightened... or maybe a little mortified.. ha!

Friday, October 18, 2013


We made it to Thriller at Kingsbury Hall again this year
Entertaining as ever! 

They had zombie girls walking... or rather crawling, around before the show.
It was so creepy

I think the blurred effect of the camera 
made them even creepier!

Of course, 
we went with Thriller's biggest fan,
Shara and the man she dragged with her... Ricky. :)

And now for the main event!

Funny little side note.... I got my Halloween costume idea for this year, from this show.
There was a really funny skit of FRANKENSTEIN that I loved.
You will see the result a little later....

Saturday, October 5, 2013


... has become one of our many, yearly traditions that I hold very dearly

Snowbird is such a fun place to walk around 
even when there is nothing going on,
but during Oktoberfest it is so much better!

This year I went with Amy and some of her friends.
Super fun group!
I brought Derek's giant Stein from a couple years ago. 
It was actually quite painful to lug that thing around all day 
but I had to bring it.... What else do we have it for!? 
Luckily, Amy is so nice 
and she switched off with me on holding the Stein,
so my hand wouldn't fall off. 

We had delicious Brats with mustard and Sauerkraut,
Chocolate Dipped Belgian Waffle on a stick
and Pumpkin Ale
It turned out to be such a beautiful day
which was much needed,
considering the other two times I had tried to go this year, 
it was raining and terrible outside. 

Until next year Oktoberfest....

Saturday, September 28, 2013


In the Jensen family
you haven't experienced Fall in Utah 
until you have been to Frightmares at Lagoon.
We go every year 
and it's always a fun, new adventure!

This year was particularly special,
because my dad was in town!
 My dad and I had a similar tradition 
that we have had a hard time keeping up on since I moved to Utah. 
We used to go to Knotts Scary Farm every year. 
So it was PERFECT to be able to have him here!

Well known fact: the dad has always been pretty terrified of rides
He has ventured out of his comfort zone a few times here and there
but it usually doesn't end too well. 
This time we decided that he should try out the SWINGS
They were my favorite when I was little. 
He did!
And he enjoyed them! 

With the night
comes the ghouls and goblins
haunting the streets of Lagoon. 
This is the part my dad has been waiting for....
Him and I switch roles. 
Now I am the one walking around in fear. 

The only bummer about coming to these theme park events
is that they are usually so crowded,
which makes for really long lines,
which means you have to be very selective with what rides/haunted houses you choose. 
You can't make em all!

Best Vampire ever!
If there are going to be long lines,
 at least they entertain... I mean TERRIFY you,
while you wait

We only made it into two of the haunted houses
but that is just fine with me...
 I think that is about all I could handle anyway. 
I am such a chicken!

Until next year Fightmares....

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Thanks to this super fun, and generous bestie, 
double fisting it below...
I was able to see MUSE at the Energy Solutions Arena!
Ames had an extra ticket
so she invited me and then refused to let me pay her anything!
I just love her. 

Not really double fisting it.... just holding for others. Ha! It was a weeknight ;)
But I HAD to post this because it may be the only evidence of my chipped tooth!
I just look like the biggest Redneck Idiot in this photo. 

Pretty cool shot from the stairs above
we were down in the crowd. 

The opening band for Muse
was called 
Cage the Elephant 

They are really good!
but a little crazy, insane.
As you can see, he ripped his shirt off 
and crowd surfed. 

Here is one of their popular songs...

Now for the moment we've all been waiting for....

The truth is...
I have never been a Muse fan. 
I actually couldn't have told you what songs 
were theirs before this show. 

I have also never been so completely blown away 
and surprised by a show before. 
It was one of the most entertaining, and exciting concerts I have ever been to!
It was a non-stop color, picture, light show
Hence, the abundance of photos that follow. 
I couldn't cut any of them. 
Way too cool!

Millions of little tv's that are constantly changing. 
Lazer, light beams shooting everywhere!

Below is one of my favorite photos of the night
This is the audience holding all of their phones out. 
I have never seen anything like it. 
So beautiful!

Best show I never planned to go to!! 
Thanks Ames!

Lets end with some vintage Muse....

Supermassive Black Hole - 2006

Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't mess with the Tundranator

I chipped my tooth.
It's right in the very front,
smack dab on the worst tooth possible.
The tooth that is already crooked and sticking out. 
Makes sense.
It was definitely in need of some more attention. 

How did I chip this tooth,
someone may ask.

Oh, you know, just the ordinary way...
Tundra and I were playing 
and we swung our heads at the perfect time
and smacked teeth. 
His tooth won. 

So it all started a long time ago,
one day in my mom's old pool in Hemet,
I was doing a back flip underwater and I smashed my tooth,
this very same tooth,
on the bottom of the pool.
It didn't chip then, but it did crack. 

So when Tundra's tooth hit,
I think it was already really weak. 
So it just sort of shattered. 
It's a small chip but still pretty noticeable.
And I cannot stop touching it with my tongue!

Luckily it is fixable. 

Wow... I look great. Only pic I have.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Farm animals, Ferris wheels, and Fried Food! What else do you need??

Being that the Fair is one of my favorite places to be,
I am sad to say that I nearly missed it this year. 
Thanks to my lovely besties, Kris and Jer, 
we made it just in time and spent a few hours 
playing in the sun and eating the monstrosities that are "fair food"
Trust me, I mean no disrespect....
 if anyone has been to any sort of fair, carnival, festival... etc.. with me,
they would know that I am the queen of the "fair food" world!
I love it all!! 
And I will try ANYTHING. 

In fact... here is Jer eating a deep fried Snickers...
Disappointing to say the least. 
We should have stuck with deep fried Oreo's or Coke. 

Kris got to fulfill her life long dream 
of wearing an animal balloon hat!
Elephant of course!

Bucket list item... check!
Can't go to a fair without the famous Corn on the Cob!
My fave!
Gotta have a corn dog! 
And no matter how fried-fooded out you are... you can't skip the Indian Fry Bread! 

Although I do love going to the fair multiple times during the season
I think we did pretty well with the time we had.
Next year I will make sure to get a night trip in too. 
There are few things as energizing and uplifting as the lights and music of a fair in the summer