Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Provo Falls

Last weekend Shirley took the family on a fun, surprise adventure. We drove for quite some time up through the Uinta’s, where I had never been before. It was super gorgeous, especially because it is almost fall time. The mountains are changing colors like crazy. We ended up at this amazing place called Provo Falls. It's nowhere near Provo but it's the Provo River that is flowing into it. Gorgeous, natural marble stairs were everywhere. The water level was quite low but that made it even more beautiful because you could see more of the stone underneath. There were several waterfalls, each flowing into a small pond which in turn flowed into another small pond.
So we hiked around the falls for a bit, did some yoga, a few meditations, and hopped back in the car. Shirley still had a few surprises up her sleeve.

Next stop was Mirror Lake. Unbelievably gorgeous! First we had a cute little picnic lunch that Shirley packed for us. KFC Chicken, the most delicious potato salad ever, Doritos, and of course, chocolate donuts. We fed a baby chipmunk for a bit, and then decided to walk around the lake. We walked the path that circles the entire lake.

Shara's model shot

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Congratulations!! From Katie Wentz

Last Tuesday I had to suffer through my sad last day at good ol' Thanksgiving Point. Of course there are always plenty of reasons for why you need to leave a job for another, but you never really realize how much you love the things you will miss from there. I spent a good 2 and half years at Tpoint, and as happy as I was to find the great job I just started, I was equally as sad to leave my home away from home.
I will miss all of the unique and adorable girls I got to know so well. So many hilarious, sad, happy, angry, unbelievable, stories will be forever engrained in my mind. I will miss the endless fudge and kookaburra that I so often gained a stomach ache from. I will miss the millions of ridiculous calls that Kate, Katie and I would vent about for hours. I will miss being up to date on all the newest, and most adorable clothing items, jewelry, knick knacks, and holiday rubbish displayed in the fabulous Emporium. I will miss so many yummy menu items from the deli. I will miss knowing about all the coolest events, and getting discounts to bring the whole family. Last but not least, I will miss working with one of the most awesome and unique humans I've ever met, Miss Katie Esther Pilkington Wentz. Katie made every day fun and exciting because you just never knew when she was going to bust out laughing like a crazy person, tell you some ridiculous story about her hilarious family, or drop a giant bag of delicious popcorn on your desk.

The morning of my last day I caught her decorating my desk with these hilarious cards that she loves, and little Congratulations confetti. She also gave me a huge going away gift full of my favorite things.

Kate, Katie and I have these ridiculously long conversations about our obsession with popcorn in all forms. Katie and I have a serious addiction to kookaburra.  I talk about Tundra incesently (hence the doggy trail mix). The post-its are for my new job, and the candle is an awesome white elepahnt gift.

Thanks Katie for making my last day memorable....

Soon, I will post about my new gig!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sleeper Tundra

Oh just a few dozen shots of Tundra sleeping in the car on our Cali road trip. There are so many because, All He Did Was Sleep! Each of these pictures was taken at least a couple hours apart. Sometimes we had to punch him to make sure he was still alive. (well not really punch him, but you know what I mean) It was pretty funny. And pretty amazing, we have such a great road tripping partner. 

Happy First!

This photo was taken about 3 and a half months late and is now being posted over a year late. Hopefully my promptness will improve each year with this little Anniversary tradition. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

The 27th Year

Before our little Birthday boating trip, we had a little Mexican Margarita Birthday Party for Derek at our place. I made avocado salsa and jalapeno popper dip for munchies. Jer brought some yummy fruit salsa and cinnamon pita chips. Luckily that ended up being the perfect amount.

The best part of this party was the giant, buttermilk chocolate cake I made. It was my first time making a double layer cake like my mom always does. It turned out okay looking, but super delicious. The secret ingredient was freshly brewed coffee.

"It's Love."  - Cole Selack

Gift from Ryan. Clever.