Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bryce Canyon

The second of the earlier mentioned 
events occurring around my birthday this year
was my dad coming to visit
for our Bryce Canyon camping trip

The whole trip was Derek's idea
He surprised me with the whole thing.
It was pretty awesome!
And even more amazing 
because my dad got to come with us. 

Unfortunately, little Tundra did not get to join us.
He is not allowed in the National Parks
Poor guy. 
The sad thing about these photos is the fact that you cannot see the true beauty of this canyon, even in the slightest. The color is so intense... it's nearly impossible to describe.
Guess you will just have go see for yourself. 

There was just so much amazingness to see
that it was impossible not to take pictures
so I apologize for the picture overload. 

We were a little worried that we would get stormed out. 

This pic got messed up.... but I still like it. 

After spending the whole day hiking around the park
we went back to the campsite to clean up a little
and then we went into Bryce Canyon City for dinner. 
Plus there were a few little shops to look around.

We ate at Ruby's Inn
which was basically the only choice.
We had the Cowboy Buffet.
It was so so food
but it was a fun experience nonetheless. 

Although I have never really been into the whole "cowboy" thing, there is something truly fascinating about these old western towns. I love the unrealistic, vintage feel that they give you.
Like you are on the set of on old John Wayne movie. 

After dinner we headed back to camp 
and roasted some marshmallows for dessert.

Eventually Der and I got the technique down pretty well. 
We are officially marshmallow roasting pros!

The next morning, on our way back
we stopped by a few more trails and overlooks. 

These are the Hoodoos

We found the trail where Butch Cassidy lived. 

June 29th