Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Carl Time

Carl is in town! (Carl WAS in town. Sadly I really won't be writing in the present tense for quite some time because I was so lazing with blogging over the break that I have lots of catching up to do) Luckily we only left about 3 days before Carl this year, so I didn't have to feel too bad about stealing Derek and Carl time.

Gotta love it when Carl's in town because the family makes a point to have as much fun as possible:

We went to the Pizza Planet arcade place, which has basically turned into another Jensen family tradition. Lots of pizza, lots of arcades, racing, and the best.... Laser Tag. We love laser tag! I mean it's supposed to be a funny joke that Barney is obsessed with Laser tag (How I Met Your Mother) but the truth is.... It really is that great.

We went to Wienerschnitzel because it is Carl's favorite, and they don't have them in England.

We went to Rio because... it's Rio. 

We went snowshoeing with Carl's friend Nick. Separate post to come. 

We went out to Bar X with some friends. 

Can't tell they're brothers....

Fo some reason Cole's shirt always ends up like this by the end of the night. The kid hates clothes...

They went to lots of other places (Natural History Museum) without me, because I work. Lame
From what I was told, Derek and Carl spent hours monopolizing the sand dig at the Natural History Museum. That is made for children! :)

And, they went to lots of other places (Guadalhonkies, another Jensen family tradition) without Derek and I because we went to Cali for Christmas.

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