Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Shoeing

One of the fun things we did with Carl was snow shoeing. It was my first time. We went up Milcreek Canyon with one of Carl's more experienced friends. It was a ton of fun.... for a while... and then it gets tiring. I am way to out of shape for that crap. I really should not of gone with just three guys. I totally came off like this whoosy little girl. Which I hate doing! But I had to. I thought I might die! ;)
No but seriously, snow shoeing is a lot of fun. It's super gorgeous scenery, and it's really neat not slipping on anything. Most of it was uphill, so I really did die about half way up to the top. Derek and I turned back and went to Barbacoa for lunch. Carl and Nick kept going to the top of some summit.

We brought Tundra. He was so fun! He was swimming in the freezing cold creek the whole time. He's nuts. We left him off the leash the whole time, and he was a perfect baby.


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