Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Day at the Park

Just the three of us.....

Pattycake Pattycake

Saturday, March 24, 2012

They're just T-shirts

Here are just a few samples of the many friends I had to cut loose this week. I still love each of them for the memories they gave me, and it wasn't easy letting them go, but they have had it coming for quite some time now.

Please don't judge me for my ridiculous, mushiness. You know you're jealous of my strength......

We all know we would have drawers and drawers full of un-wearable yet meaningful t-shirts if we only had the space. Which we don't. So it’s goodbye enormously, giant shirt that manages to tie me up in my sleep. So long tiny shirt that was too tight when I first bought you, way before the freshman 5lbs. You will be missed old track shirt that should have died 3 years when pit stains began to remain visible after washing. Sick! I know! But I know I'm not alone in this. 

French Club - Good times, TP Marathon - Ugliest shirt ever! (But Derek's first half marathon),  Oh James Dean,  Last minute panicked purchase - Stupid Brick Oven and your ridiculous game day rules, Hawaii - ABC store t-shirts (Practically Free), BYU Alumni - Seriously it's like wearing your diploma, John Mayer/Counting Crows 03 - Would have been my dream concert, Big Sister - Yep, bought this at the hospital gift shop when Randi was born (I haven't grown in 13 years), Ski Utah - Who am I trying to kid... I am not qualified to wear this shirt. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Soggy Puppy

Finally, last Friday, Derek and I had a day off together. Hip Hip Hooray!! 
So we took Tundra for a walk down to Liberty Park on one of the warmest, winter days ever. We love going to Liberty cause there are so many other people there with their dogs, and Tundra loves them all. He is so friendly! 
While we were there we found a small pond that certainly got the best of Tundra. Apparently he thought that he could walk on water, and when he went for the leap he was unpleasantly surprised. So poor, soggy Tundra learned his first lesson in swimming... you can't do it without getting wet. Then he soared on to find the muddiest spots to roll around in.
People’s reactions went from, "Oh my gosh, can I pet him?" to "Ugh, who's nasty dog is that?" Poor Tundra was so confused. Why didn't anyone want to pet him?

So we had no choice but to give him a bath. His first bath since living in Utah. He was not happy about it. 

If this picture could say one thing, I think it would be... "Why me?"

Now before you feel too bad for him, remember, he completely brought this upon himself.

Don't forget to notice my hunky, husband's sexy biceps ;) 
Oh, and don't worry, he's not naked..... Or is he??? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Quiet

This is my little tribute to the ever so often hated and unappreciated... snow. 
Ever since I moved to Utah I began to love the snow. Now, don't get me wrong, I hate the cold. But snow is different. It's often warmer when it's snowing, than it is on a clear day, and you have to admit it's much better than rain. 
Snow brings such a peaceful quiet over what are often the noisiest and busy places. When it falls slowly, covering every branch of a tree and outlining anything in its path, you almost feel like you're not in the same world anymore. I apologize to you snow, for often being angry with you for putting a slight damper on my day. I should be thanking you for keeping my life fun and exciting by making my front door step seem like a dream out of someone’s snow globe. 

In front of our apt.

Even when you're inside watching the snow, life becomes more enchanting. 

I will admit that some of this re-found appreciation I owe to my little Tundra. He just loves the snow so much. He totally chooses to sleep on snow over anything else, and he gets so excited to play in the deepest snow. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Viver a Vida

Well I finally made him do it... and apparently he has nothing close to as many wants as I do. This is the weakest bucket list ever. Hopefully this will be strengthened soon enough. 

The Stuff that Derek's Dreams are Made Of 

Witness Jazz Win a Championship
Live Abroad
Complete a Hot Wing Challenge
Learn to Play Piano
Visit all 7 Continents - 3
Run a Marathon/Triathlon

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vegas and the Baby

Vegas is always a good time. I mean that is the sole purpose of Vegas Right? To give people a good time... whatever that may be to you.

Well this particular time, Vegas was an especially good time for us. We have officially defied the laws of "Vegas" physics.  Not everything stays in Vegas. That's right. We stole some of the Vegas fun and took it home with us. His name is Tundra, aka Tuns of fun. Thanks Derek for that superb nickname.

Obviously our reason for going to Vegas was for Tundra but of course we decided to make a fun weekend out of it. Cole came with, and we met up with his adorable friend Tina at our awesome hotel, The Rio. Actually the only thing that makes this hotel awesome is the insane buffet, but of course we didn't go there cause Derek and Cole are a couple of skinny women. Instead we went to some Hawaiian knock off version of hooters. Entertaining for sure.

Our last night there we went to some Bunk House Saloon to watch our friend Brandon's band, Toy Bombs. Yah, super coincidence that they happened to be coming to Vegas that weekend.

We woke up that morning and went to the famous Hash House a go go. If you have not been here, go! It's amazing. Everything is huge and delicious. Cole always gets "Andy's Sage Fired Chicken" which was made famous by "Man vs Food" And I got the biggest pancake you've ever seen. So yum!

About ready to bust from over consumption, we headed to pick up our little baby Tundra.

He was a complete angel the entire way home. We stopped a few times to let him pee but I think he was too nervous. He just took turns cuddling with each of us, until we got to Cole's house and he hopped out and peed. I couldn't believe it. It was like he was already potty trained. 

We love his guts!!