Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Real Slim Adri

They call her Adri.

She be droppin' those beats,

make the crowd go crazay.

Sportin' that hat,
like some Compton cat.

Gangsta's be jealous
Yellin' "She's so Relish!"

Em, you ain't got nothin' on this lady...
she's the Real Slim Adri!

Please stand up!

As you can see
these girls are die hard karoke-ers...
and we are their biggest fans!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Just as the cliche goes,
team Kris and Kris have also left their hearts in 
San Francisco

Both of us had been to San Fran when we were younger
with our parents
but were dying to visit the 
"Paris of the West"
as grown up adventurers.

Lucky for us
something came along and gave us the push we needed.
My FAVORITE band, and one of Kris's as well, 
was coming to the Monterey City Music Festival. 

So we used the music festival as an excuse
and started planning our trip!


We had arrived in SF,
found our adorable little "Airbnb" place
and dropped off our bags. 
Of course... first stop on the list

Our airbnb host recommended this little place called 
it was just down the street from Sutter
where we were staying.

We shared a crepe and cheese burger with fries... We're not healthy.... 

Then we hit the streets....
And spent most of our precious time, the first day,
with our faces buried in Kris's GPS
or like this...... 

If nothing else, SF really taught us how to read bus maps...

First major touristy spot on the huge list we had created
was the 
Painted Ladies

Okay, okay... 
the hard truth of the matter is that we actually 
happened upon the Painted Ladies
during our search for the 
original Full House house.
It's possible we may have been lost
A LOT on this trip...
But we eventually found everything we were looking for
and got a ton of exercise along the way. 

There it is!... Picture a RED door

Next stop....
We got here pretty late 
and most things were closed
but it was still fun to see the main street

We went back to our place 
to change and meet up with Kris's friend, Natalie

Our cute little bedroom
Natalie met us at this awesome bar called 

Day one in SF complete!


Next morning we woke up with a big day ahead of us.
Today was the Monterey First City Festival
and we had a few things to cross off the list before 
 heading on the road to Monterey.

Car rental.... Check!
Now for breakfast....

Don't judge us... 
we are major foodies, so we had to check out the well known places
which often meant waiting in ridiculous lines for breakfast. 
It happened... 

was pretty amazing and well worth the wait. 
In fact, we wouldn't have cared much at all about waiting
if we hadn't been on a bit of a timeline that day. 
It was really adorable inside too. 

Yes... we did order and eat everything on the menu!... :)

One last stop before the road trip...
Twin Peaks
and the unbelievable view....

So windy! So foggy!

Monterey here we come!!!

We definitely had some really fun times on this road trip
with all the junk food 
and fabulously poor music choices made by the radio stations available to us...
with the exception of Lana's "Young and Beautiful"... 
that was so insanely overplayed that it became a joke every time we heard it. 

Unfortunately, the majority of the trip is remembered 
by the bumper to bumper traffic, nearly beginning to end.
We were really starting to get nervous about making it on time to see Tennis.

When we finally made it to the festival,
it was slightly different than what we were thinking. 
It was extremely disorganized and crowded
with many people looking to be about high school age still. 
We parked really far away... 
and then were greeted with a VERY long line just to get tickets,
after which we would be welcomed by another long line to enter. 
This is right about the time I started to panic a bit. 
By the looks of it, we would be lucky to get in with enough time to catch anything,
let alone see Tennis. 
Kris and her hopeful attitude barely kept me from crying.... I know, I'm a total baby!

Luckily, we made it in much quicker than we had thought
and everything turned out perfect! 

We grabbed some pizza 
and happened to be right next to the first band we wanted to see...
Sadly, I have never been so surprisingly let down by an artist before
Okkervil was terrible
And I am not usually such a harsh critic. 
Derek and I have been listening to him for several years now
and he is amazing. 
I still stand by his music
but his live performance was awful
It sounded auto tuned. 
Kris and I walked out in the middle of it. 

Father John Misty 
came through as usual. 
Never short of perfection
Making us laugh along the way. 

An airplane flew overhead at the beginning of his performance... he made a joke about it being for him.. I think we may have gotten it on video. He is awesome!

The moment we've all been waiting for.....
Okay, maybe just I've been waiting for it.... 

~~~~ ~~~~ TENNIS ~~~~ ~~~~ 

I was just a little excited...

Tennis lived up to all my expectations.
They sound amazing live. 
Unfortunately, they had some trouble with their instruments 
and had to cut the set short. 
So, that was sad
but I understand that stuff happens. 
Alaina told us about the rough experience they had since they'd gotten to Monterey.
They're place had been robbed and had been wearing the same clothes for days... 
Sad, but kind of funny. 

We got a picture with Alaina!!! Look at her cute tattoo.

was really fun to listen to 
but mostly they just put on a fantastic show. 
The stage was so beautifully lit and romantic
and the incredible energy in the crowd reflected it. 
If you weren't already fans, this show would convince you

The last show of the very long day we had...
and they were such a great finale to the festival!
You could just feel that everyone there was feeling the same
and there was no where else any of us wanted to be in that very moment. 
It is a really good thing that this show was so particularly awesome
because at this point in the night,
We were bushed!

The drive back from Monterey to San Fran, 
coupled with the attempt to find a parking spot in the city,
was most definitely the worst part of the trip.
We were so unbelievably tired, which morphed into cranky, 
by the time the festival finished,
that driving for 2 hours was the last thing either of us wanted to do. 
I think munching on our leftover snacks was the only thing that kept us alive.

When we finally got back to the city,
we spent like an hour driving around looking for somewhere to park. 
We should not have done that. 
It's not worth it. 
We ended up paying like 30 bucks to park overnight. 
Which is what we should have done in the first place. 
Saved us some sleep and a lot of anger. 


Our one and only FULL day in SF
needed to cross off all the other major attractions.
So we had yet another BUSY day ahead of us. 

Again, we started off with a long, well worth it, wait in line
for Breakfast. 
This time it was...

It was so cute inside
You walk through and order right into the kitchen almost. 
They have really yummy breads and such through the window while you are waiting. 
The food was amazing. 

Now off to our next adventure... where we walked in many circles!

The cityscape is beautiful.. and we barely had to walk up a hill. 

Lombard Street....
Is... Lombard Street. 
It's neat.
But not really...
It's mostly just covered in cars. 

The bay is beautiful

The weather is confusing. 
One minute you are freezing.
Next minute you are nearly sweating

We walked from the bay at the end of Fisherman's Wharf,
passed Golden Gate Park
and then hopped on a bus to the Bridge. 

This silly dog had it's tongue out the entire ride.. and you can see the dry line where it was out before.. ha!

The Golden Gate Bridge
we had finally made it... 
wait....where it is??
Oh there it is..... covered in FOG!

We actually never got to see it much more than this....
It was perfectly sunny out everywhere else. 
Except at the bridge. 

This is a picture showing before and after the bridge was built
It was one of those moving signs
Pretty neat. 

The color of the bridge in it's rustiness is beautiful. 

After our really long, slightly torturous, windy and cold 
walk on the bridge,
we headed back towards Fisherman's Wharf
in search of dinner. 
With a few stops along the way

The moment I had been waiting for....
Famous Boudin Sourdough Bread!!
I had been told to go to The Boudin Bistro
by so many people
And I am already a big fan of Sourdough bread...

We were sat at this beautiful little spot by the window 
overlooking the bay. 
It was so romantic... ha! :)
We had a glass of white wine each
and ordered their 
Crab, Spinach & Artichoke Dip with toasted sourdough.
It was such an amazing dish. 
What we didn't realize,
is that they bring out endless sourdough bread as well.
Probably didn't need those toasted ones!
and then I ordered the famous
Sourdough Breadbowl with Clam Chowder.

Talk about your sourdough bread overload!
I thought I was going to burst!
But you just can't stop eating it...
and you don't want to stop eating it...

Kris ordered the 
Sourdough Gnocchi Al Pesto with Lobster
So fancy!

It was also delicious!

Now, back to the sidewalks...
Beginning our long journey to the market 
We knew that it was a little late to be getting there
but we thought we would make the walk anyway. 

Counting down the Piers

This overlook was a really beautiful find
so we decided to practice with our photography a little. 
I was lucky enough to have a legit model!

Finally we had reached our destination...
Unfortunately, we were too late. 
They had already closed up the Market. 
Totally our fault. 
I think we wasted like an hour at that bridge photo op! 

But at least we got to take one of the vintage Street Cars back!

Now for some chocolate!

Sea Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!! And they give you a chocolate on the side too!

We just sort of happened upon this... 
It felt a little creepy
because we were kind of on a street all alone and it was dark out.
Apparently, this picture below is in remembrance of the
day that Oscar Grant III was shot and killed by
one of the BART police officers.
He was unarmed and detained on the ground,
when the police man claimed he was going to taze him,
he shot him with a pistol.
Many riots and protests were to follow. 

There was only one major thing left to see....

We kind of got there after most things were shut down
but we still bought a couple souvenirs.
The only thing I can think of at this moment
was a cool water bottle with a bike on it for Der. 

We did get to see the seals!
There were a ton of them
and they were all laying around, yelling at each other. 
They were so loud
It was pretty funny. 

Our last few hours in San Fran...
the next morning, 
we had to hit up the famous,

We were just down the street from Bob's
so we grabbed a coffee and a couple donuts
and headed back to pack up. 

The little place we stayed in was so fun and unique. 
This was a window in the bathroom that connected a 
small corridor area with a window on the other side
from the hallway. 
but fun! :)

We got to the airport 
moments before we realized we had gotten texts from the airline
informing us that we were delayed,
So now we were forced
to hang out in the airport for hours
while we think about all of the things we could still be seeing in the city. 
We were pretty pissed for a little while. 

Here's to saying goodbye to... 
our 12 hour days of walking up and down sidewalks built on mountains,
waiting in 3 hour lines for a famous piece of bacon,
spending 2 hours trying to find the perfect outfit to last all day,
taking your sweater off, just to put it back on, and then taking it off again, and putting it back on AGAIN,
hopping on buses to backtrack 2 blocks before jumping off and running to catch the right one,
eating, and eating, and eating again just because someone back home said you had to,
staring at the same map at a different bus stop, hoping it somehow changed,
racing the sun to it's very last drop of light,
driving in circles, looking, furiously for a parking spot,
and sitting in airports for hours on end...

We will miss every single moment!

One last little piece of excitement before we get back to our regular lives.
We had a perfect view of the Rim fire going on near Yosemite at that time.
It was so crazy to see from above.
Such a sad thing. 

San Fran, 
We will be back again soon to take back our hearts!