Saturday, December 31, 2011

To be a kid again

Sometimes I just feel like life is this constant battle of trying to keep yourself young. Whether it’s how you look, how often you find yourself laughing at nothing, how much you still enjoy the little things, or how winded you get doing things you used to do. Things often seemed so much better when you were ten years old. 
Well not this year!
This Christmas we spent a couple days up at my Uncle Sean's cabin in Big Bear. We all went sledding and had so much fun. No one seemed a day over ten.


That's dad

Kind of busted my knee on this one.
Oh this makes me laugh!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Red Rocks and Canyons

First I would like to say that, Moab is way better in the summer.

Having said that, besides the frigid weather, we had a great time. Thank you Derek for having the wonderful idea of staying a night in Moab on our way home from Concho.
We bundled up and walked the streets, had an all you can eat pizza buffet, and sat in the hot tub.
Mcgriddles in the morning and it's off to Arches. We went to Arches together a few years ago so it was kind of fun to relive. We also stopped by Canyon lands National Park, which we had not seen before. Fun, but nothing to get excited about.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


On spending Thanksgiving in Concho, Arizona.....

We drove about 10 hours, until we reached precisely the middle of nowhere.
It was actually colder and windier than Utah. Seriously, Arizona?? I thought you were supposed to be warm.
Spent time with grandparents. And their animals... Brandi is the beautiful dog below, that I could not stop taking pictures of.
We spent a lot of time in the pool and hot tub at my mom's hotel.
We drove to all the sites.... Petrified Forest, which you can basically see from the gift shop. The local Kmart. Gift shops, and more gift shops - I got a pair of moccasins, Yea!
Ate lots of Thanksgiving dinner and watch/slept through football.
Good times....

Seriously the coolest looking dog.

Derek and I decided to leave one day early and stay in Moab for a night. We had fun checking out Arches again and saw Canyon Lands for the first time (I'll post pictures soon). We're finally starting to put a dent in our goal to see all of the National Parks.