Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hilton Wrap Party

Every year the Hilton does a Wrap Party for their most loyal clients. About a month before Christmas, clients are invited to bring all of their presents to the Hilton to be wrapped, professional, by us. They come have a fancy dinner, socialize, dance with the Wii, and stay overnight. It's a pretty sweet deal. 

For us, the employees, it's a fairly rough, but entertaining night. We work a normal shift, and then spend the rest of the night wrapping and bowing gifts. We honestly worked until like 1am. The fun part is we get to stay the night as well, and invite a significant other. So Derek and I have a pretty good time eating, drinking, wrapping, and dancing with all of my wonderful co-workers.

I also volunteered to take all the photos for the event.....

Oh, and the theme was Polar Express! How fun!

Hot Chocolate Bar!

Salad Shaker bar... how cute!

Nanda being my food model

Fun girls I work with.

Amy concentrating very hard on bow making

Mini Eggnog Creme Bruele's

Derek chatting it up in Portuguese with Nanda's Brazilian mom :)

All of us taking our Limoncello shot together

Linda Jean, the wrapping expert herself. We took lessons from LJ before the party

Atsuki and Nanda showing us how to Zumba

Even the house keeping staff joined in

This what starts to happen at 2am when you have been working all day... and the party was open bar. 

** Apologizing for the posting of Christmas stuff in March. Blogger foul. And there are more to come... oops.

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