Friday, May 31, 2013

The Tallest Man on Earth

The Tallest Man on Earth
is actually not tall at all,
but you can feel the height of his heart 
just by listening.

Kristian Matsson walks on stage,
one man band.
Confident, sexy and humble all at once,
without saying a word.

He honestly blew us away,
with just a guitar and a spot light.


I don't know what I love more about this photo... Cole's body language, or Derek's stache..

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Redneck D

Just 5 words...

Men and their facial hair.

He claims to have been involved in some sort of beard competition.
Did he win??
Of course
Have we seen any sort of cash money from this victory?
Of course not. 

My thoughts - Could it be possible that a man(Derek) would make up said "competition" in order to have a valid excuse to chop his rugged beard into some sort of despicable facial display?...

Proof that I am an awesome wife.
I did in fact go out in public with him...
PS - Hires fries are..... AMAZING!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Dying on Mt. Olympus. Oops, I mean Hiking Mt. Olympus..

Hitch Hiking Mount Olympus
may be the way to go....
Just a little word of advice from me to you.

Oh, I'm just kidding.
It wasn't that bad.
It was actually a lot of fun!

The five of us and Tundra
made the 6 hour round trip trek up to Mount Olympus.
 We ended at about 9026 feet in elevation,
after climbing 7.5 miles up and back.

Just when you think you have made it to the top,
after non-stop, steep climbing
with people passing, saying things like:
 "Don't worry, you're almost there!" and "You can do it!"
Hate that by the way.. I'm fine! Thank you very much!
I don't need you reminding me that I look like I might drop dead any second!! Not helping... :)
Anyway... to cut to the chase..
the top, was not the top!

Not the "top"... :)
But at least we got to enjoy some lunch at the almost "top"

To get to the very top
we had to continue climbing up,
a wall of rocks!
We were basically on all fours
making our way up this steep, rock garden.
It was fun, but would have been more fun if we weren't already exhausted.

At the top
you immediately forget that you nearly died hiking to get there.
It was just incredibly gorgeous and crisp.
We snapped a few pictures and relaxed,
before making the inevitable and dreaded trek back down.
I am beginning to learn that as much as you dread the uphill battle,
it's always the overlooked downhill that kills you in the end.

Derek and I often dream about hikes with zip-lines taking you back down.
Haven't found one yet.

It was the funniest thing...
On the way down, Tundra was the one we worried about most.
The poor guy was just done!
Every chance he had, he would lay down in the shade.
He literally just called it quits.
Since he never seems to tire..

It certainly wasn't an easy hike, but I would do it again.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Deer Tick is pretty bad ass.
End of story.

But I guess I'll tell more of the story anyway...

Derek LOVES Deer Tick.
Being that summer is coming...
I have been really into concerts lately.
So when i discovered that Deer Tick was coming to Urban Lounge
I bought the tickets immedeatly.
Then I decided to surprise Derek.
Because that is what I do.
I love surprising people!

Max Pain and the Groovies opened for Deer Tick. Not much to say about them. Nothing too special.
Awesome band name though.

One thing I have finally learned about Urban Lounge.
They are always, always behind schedule.
I know... all venues are behind, and bands never come on when they are supposed to...
But Urban is the worst.

We got there on time, at 9pm...
Because I hadn't quite figured out the Urban schedule yet.
Deer Tick did not come on untill11:30pm.
We had a lot of time to chat.
Which actually turned out to be perfect considering our given situation.

Quality is pretty poor, but you can still hear...

Funny little story...
Not only did they come out 2 hours late..
They were missing their drummer.
Apparently, he had a personal thing.

Deer Tick minus drummer
still kicks ass!

 Thank you, come again.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tundra, the terror of the Hot Springs

One Sunday, on our way up to Sandy,
Derek and I decided to drive way out of the way
to these natural pools called the
Diamond Fork Hot Springs.

It turned out to be a really great hike
where the trail followed a gorgeous river,
and dogs like Tundra can roam free.

The pools were super nice and warm,
too hot for little Tundra.
Luckily, there were some streams of cool water for him to lay in though.

It was pretty crowded there,
but it was probably due to the fact that the
Festival of Colors was going on that day.
We watched many colorful humans pass by on the trail.

We had a really great time at the Hot Springs
except for the fact that Tundra decided
he was going to terrorize all of the hottubbing humans.

He barked, he jump, he splashed, he fell into pools,
he ran with sticks, and drenched everyones belongings!

We chased, we yelled, we shhh'd, we jumped over running sticks,
we apologized, and walked back drenched with dripping towels in hand.

Maybe next time Tundra will stay home while we tub....