Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hilton Christmas Party... for the 3rd time!!

Hilton has a pretty big Christmas Party. At least compared to any of the employee parties I’ve been to in the past. They had amazing food, a dance floor and dj, a photo booth, and they raffle off all sorts of random prizes.

Of course, I was, again, the victim of another cruel trick the day before the party. Knopper told me that it was a dress up party. Christmas theme. I think they have found out that I love dressing up, and tend to go all out with this type of stuff. Well, fortunately I am finally catching on a little bit, and I found out that I was being tricked. So Amy and I decided to get them back a little. I wore this dorky Christmas bow in my hair to spite them, even though their prank failed. I was going to do way better, but I could not get a hold of all my ugly sweaters in time. It would have been so awesome if I would have totally dressed up and then started bawling when I found out it was a trick. Classic. But, apparently I’m not that cool.

I won a pair of Hilton robes. Which apparently are really nice ones. But Derek and I don’t really wear robes. It was basically the worst prize won. Some people won a night stay in the Waldorf, Park City. That is worth a lot of money. So I guess I’m not that lucky.

We had a lot of fun in the photo booth.....
We ate way too much, drank a little too much, and didn't dance enough.

Bringing sexy back....like always ;)

Hi, I'm Amy!

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