Friday, March 22, 2013

Dreamy nights with colorful lights

Being our first year together with a cute little place of our own that we are sort of proud of, we decided to buy our own tree this year, and put a little more effort into decorating. In the past we have just borrowed all the extras from the parent’s basement.

So, of course, me with my idealistic, traditional ways insisted on finding a cute little tree farm to buy our tree, and make a fun night of the whole event. That is what we did with my mom growing up. We had this giant tree farm, way outside of town, where we would spend hours running around finding the perfect tree. They had shops, pony rides, and jumpers too.

Well, surprise surprise. We couldn't find anything. The only tree farm we could find in Salt Lake City was in the back of Smiths parking lot. Super fun and classy. So, after my adorable husband drove my sad face all over town looking for tree farms, he came up with another amazing idea.
We bought a live Island Palm Tree. It looks almost like a Christmas tree, and it stays alive. Now when we take the lights and decorations off, it will still be a cute tree in our apt. Plus we can maybe plant it in Derek's parents back yard someday. I wasn't sad about the tree anymore.

Our Christmas tree, decorating experience turned out to be really perfect. We started the night off with some Hatch's Famous Hot Chocolate and Candies. Redeemed a failed tree hunt with something even better. And ended with a glorious decorating party accompanied by a bottle of wine.

Derek and Tundra with Hatch's in the background

Derek's reaction to the AMAZING Hatch's Famous Hot Chocolate! Funny stuff.

Tundra and I waiting in the car for Derek

Tundra was a good little helper....

We also got our first Christmas tree ornaments as a family this year. Love Etsy!


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