Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fat Shaker

Finally, finally, finally.... Derek and I have been meaning to actually check out Sundance Film Festival for years now. We always go up to Park City and walk around, but never know how to actually get involved. So this year we bought tickets to a film ahead of time... There is a Sundance box office at Trolley Square, which is right next to our Apt. So convenient....

Unfortunately, we didn’t plan very well, and only had a couple of choices left. We choose randomly, and got very unlucky. Possibly the worst film at the entire festival. I am not a harsh judge of movies.... I like everything. This film was unlikable... called Fat Shaker.

That being said... I really enjoyed the Q&A session before and after the film. I think that is a super fun idea. Maybe next year we will actually figure this thing out and finally enjoy Sundance.  

We did discover one little slice of heaven through the Festival. The Beehive Tearoom was one of the music venues for Sundance, so we met a couple there for drinks before we headed to the film. I fell in love with this place instantly. I have been there like 4 times since. Here is a little glimpse of the Beehive Tearoom....

We saw the film at the Tower Theater downtown. I would have like to go to Park City, but we didnt have the time.

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