Monday, January 14, 2013

Well it's a New Year...

...With it comes more than new fears."

New Years Eve..... did not suck. As depressing as that may sound, it is actually fantastic. I have certainly been through my fair share of rough New Years Eve's, and I was really trying to break the trend this year.
Nothing epic happened, it wasn't the best night ever, but it was all in all a good time. Sadly enough, this year I will not be able to join in on the oh so fun, "my New Years was worse than yours" banters. Success!

My darling little life saver, Kris, kept me company all night. She too has a montage of miserable New Years to speak of, so we thought we'd better stick togeher this time.

We all met at Cole's place, had a few drinks, walked around downtown, decided not to wait in enormous lines in the freezing cold, and spent the rest of the night chatting at Cole's and listenting to music. Pefect, mellow New Years. Just what I needed.

Maybe next year we will be brave, and try for a perfect, non-mellow New Years.
Cross your fingers.

Funny thing: We said lets do a "duck face" photo, because that is Derek's signature pose and we always make fun of him for it. He couldn't do it! Ha ha.
That hat had a lot of fun that night.

 One of my most fave songs of all time.....


Side Note: This is the first of many posts to come very shortly. I am trying to get caught up from the break. Obviously they will be out of order a little. I have lots of christmas stuff to come. This one just got done first.