Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Welcome to the Avenues

Having lived in our quaint apartment for over 2 years (the longest in one place for either of us), 
we have decided it is time to move on from the perfect adventure 
that was SoTro

We will miss...
...our frequent walks and runs to Liberty Park...
...our evening "quick, healthy" dinners at Whole Foods...
...our super unique neighbors who were always there when we needed them...
...our one of a kind "Ryan Banbury" who has gotten us through many awkward meltdowns in the rain, made us the best Friendsgiving turkey ever, taught us that fat cats are the best, helped us get out of our possessed, locked car situation, chatted with us during our many Tundra potty breaks in the wee hours of the night, and basically just been the coolest neighbor you could ask for....
...seeing Tundra's FAT head sticking waaay too far out of our 3rd story window...
...our near by friends like The Tea Grotto, Koko's Kitchen, The Park Cafe, Ex Wife's Place, Trolley Square, 9th and 9th, Mosquitoes (Mezquite Mexican Grill), Smith's Marketplace, Coffee Break, Manny's, and last but certainly not least TRAX...
...the beloved and tinted giant window in our front room...
...all the mice... of course... NOT...
...watching all the neighborhood kids flock like geese to Tundra....
...our cute, little pass-through window...
...the disaster alley way in which Tundra would struggle trying to decide which items to give up on, because you simply cannot eat them all...
and so many more...

SoTro will always be the place where we became a family

Enough with the sappiness...
We are now living in this fairy-tale cottage!

Der and I searched for weeks, 
looking for the right place. 
We are a little picky and we certainly have a strict budget. 
But.... just like the time we found SoTro... 
right as we were about out of time and at our whits end
We found this adorable Avenues home. 
We have always dreamt about living in The Avenues
and the place was nearly PERFECT!

Back yard and porch for the Tun!
Driveway to a garage... too bad you can barely fit your car down that! ha! :) 
Huge dinging room and HARD WOOD FLOORS!!! YAY! 
Huge kitchen with open cupboards for all our pretty dishes ;)
Washer and Dryer! Wonder what that will feel like!?
I am putting pretty lights all over the porch for fun bbq's! 
Big basement for guests and office time. 

So far, I have only come up with two downfalls....
The first: NO CLOSET SPACE! Ugh! Tiny closet and no coat closet. It's bad. I am in the process of trying to remedy this downfall... but no luck so far. Bags of clothes on the floor. 
The Second: I guess this is more of just a difference between apartments and houses and being a little out of downtown. BUGS! I have seen more ( and weirder) bugs in 2 days than 2 years in our apartment. 


Luckily, I am now living with 2 Derek's who can relocate all of my arch enemies.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happiness to my father is...

...the ocean.

So he sends me beautiful pics whenever he takes a trip down there. 

And Cessy's of course!

Our fave taco shop back in the day.
Dad still goes here all the time and sends me pics to make m jealous. Jerk :)

Where it all started....
my thrift shopping obsession, that is.
The DAV is like the DI or Salvation Army of Oceanside
We used to go here all the time. 
I miss it. 

Of course, he found a Pearl Jam t-shirt

A lot of his beach trips include a car show. 
Probably, his second favorite thing on the planet. 
Classic cars.

This bug looks so much like Hope when I first got her.
Minus the rack on top.

* Maybe later I will add to this post.. since he is always sending me more beach pics.