Friday, June 3, 2016


In this world, there exists....
 these little, plump, colorful, sometimes porky, desert babies 
that just make my life complete. 


They have become very trendy in past couple years
and I am so glad that I have discovered them for myself too.

When I first purchased them, 
I was under the impression that they were super easy to take care of. 
People would say "you can't kill them."
Well that is certainly not always the case. 
I assure you....
They are kill-able
The problem with them is that they are fairly easy to tend
but because of that notion, you neglect them. 
I am still not sure exactly what is wrong with a couple of mine
but I am definitely making sure not to over water them.

Just a couple of the reasons they are the most AWESOME plants ever:
- If one of their leaves or branches fall off and land in the soil, it will begin growing again. With no help from you!! So fun!!! 
- You can clip them anywhere and as many times are you want. They will continue to grow and then you can plant the pieces you clipped!!!

 Do you see the picture below with the monster succulents just growing wild...
Yah, that's not something I see everyday, sadly.
Only San Diego is lucky enough to have succulents growing like weeds out of the sidewalk crack.
Not fair.

They are seriously the coolest plant out there

Although I may get a little giddy over my succulents, I do love all my plant babies.