Saturday, March 30, 2013


The Festival of Colors has come back around
and I went back for round 3. 

Apparently I just can't get enough.
But who can blame me...
Good food, fun people, llamas, gorgeous Temple, and bright COLORS.
So many colors!

This year, I colored up with these two darlings
Kris and Katie, plus me, makes...

We bought the package meal that comes with your ticket
Because.. there is no other way to this thing..
The food is so good and so cheap

It's official Color Fest tradition to take profile pics.

Kid on far left with glasses = photo bomber
Well done kid.

This year, Derek decided he was too cool for fun,
So I went with these awesome kids...

They know fun....

Kris, was taken advantage of... but we may never find the culprit

I made a new friend
His name is Scott
He is rad.

Driving home without destroying your car is not an easy task
I can assure you I will be finding colors on my clothing months from now..
The car hides it and saves it for later

Kris and I got Frozen Yogurt at Luna Berry afterwards
It's fun to frighten those not aware of the Festival of Colors

Two showers later....
I eventually had to get it chopped off
This has not happened to me in the previous years
I was not a happy camper...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Go Grizzlies!!

Back in November, Derek and I went to our first Hockey game here in SLC. Although the Grizzlies are more known for how much they suck, it was really fun to watch them play. Hockey is actually much more fun to watch than most sports, in my opinion. There is a lot of action and violence. The best part was that we went with my darling, little Kris. Over lunch one day, I mentioned that I got these tickets to a Grizzlies game and we need two more people. It was then that I learned of her dying love for hockey. It's always more fun to go to a game with someone who is passionate about it. Not to mention our mutual love of cinnamon almonds. It's kind of our tradition, to get the biggest bag we can find, and eat them in one sitting. No sharing with others of course.
She brought another Derek with her which was fantastic because it officially made us Team Kris&Kris with a side of Team Derek&Derek. Kind of made my night.
Since we had a little to drink before the game, we rode TRAX there. That is one of the farthest places we have taken TRAX before. It actually made the night much more interesting. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, Derek and I love public transpo. After the game we had a bite to eat at this little pub called "Bout' Time" and headed back to the TRAX station. Which is where we discovered that we had missed the last train of the night. So we stood out in the cold waiting for our taxi with a couple girls that could not have been over 15 years old. I hated leaving them there because they couldn't find a way home, and they were so young.

While waiting for TRAX we discovered that the brand new Trader Joe's was having their grand opening. So we stopped in... with every else and their dog!! It was wall to wall people. Crazies!

About half way home, our taxi driver decided to turn our taxi into a night club. Yep he had strobe lights strung all around the roof, and the music bumpin'. It was pretty awesome.


And that pretty much made for a night....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Anjelah Johnson at Kingsbury

A little bonus gift from Hilton turned out to be perfect for when my dad was in town.
Tickets to Anjelah Johnson at Kingsbury Hall.
We didn't know much about her.
But we are always up for a good laugh.
Almost all of my co-workers were there, so it was neat to introduce my dad.

We had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory first. 
Old tradition that...
Never gets old. 

He is tan.
I am not.

I love Kingsbury.
So unique and old fashioned.

It was snowing.
Dad with his new love.
The Audi tt

The Trees that keep on Giving

Continuing the family tradition, we once again enjoyed the Festival of Trees this year. I think this may be our 5th Christmas going together. It gets more and more crowded every year. And as glad as I am to see more people enjoying this amazing event, I sometimes wish it could go back to being just ours.

Shirley's fave this year.. she love love loves "Princess and the Frog"

My fave, obviously the CANDY Tree...

The Ginger Bread houses are insane. Artsy people...

Cant wait until next year!!

Dreamy nights with colorful lights

Being our first year together with a cute little place of our own that we are sort of proud of, we decided to buy our own tree this year, and put a little more effort into decorating. In the past we have just borrowed all the extras from the parent’s basement.

So, of course, me with my idealistic, traditional ways insisted on finding a cute little tree farm to buy our tree, and make a fun night of the whole event. That is what we did with my mom growing up. We had this giant tree farm, way outside of town, where we would spend hours running around finding the perfect tree. They had shops, pony rides, and jumpers too.

Well, surprise surprise. We couldn't find anything. The only tree farm we could find in Salt Lake City was in the back of Smiths parking lot. Super fun and classy. So, after my adorable husband drove my sad face all over town looking for tree farms, he came up with another amazing idea.
We bought a live Island Palm Tree. It looks almost like a Christmas tree, and it stays alive. Now when we take the lights and decorations off, it will still be a cute tree in our apt. Plus we can maybe plant it in Derek's parents back yard someday. I wasn't sad about the tree anymore.

Our Christmas tree, decorating experience turned out to be really perfect. We started the night off with some Hatch's Famous Hot Chocolate and Candies. Redeemed a failed tree hunt with something even better. And ended with a glorious decorating party accompanied by a bottle of wine.

Derek and Tundra with Hatch's in the background

Derek's reaction to the AMAZING Hatch's Famous Hot Chocolate! Funny stuff.

Tundra and I waiting in the car for Derek

Tundra was a good little helper....

We also got our first Christmas tree ornaments as a family this year. Love Etsy!