Thursday, June 28, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

The Utah Arts Fesitval was last weekend! I actually went to this about 5 years ago with leana, but haven't gone since.  We seriously tried going everyday this time but things kept getting in the way. Finally we made it on Sunday night, our last chance. 

Graffiti made beautiful.
Tash came with us cause she needed something to do before she had to pick up Woody at the airport.

Artist Ted Siebert brought in 20 tons of sand to build this. Pretty awesome!

Pop Art! My new fave thing! So yum. Derek
bought this for me. Cutie.  Have I mentioned
I have a serious addiction to popcorn!


Luiza is a couch surfer that was staying with us that weekend. She is from Brazil, and there just happened to be a Brazilian Fire dancing and Capoeta performance going on that night. 

We had so much fun at the Arts Festival. Next year we want to buy the weekend passes. There were just so many awesome vendors, so much fabulous food, and tons of performances going on all day. We didn't get there till around 9pm but we saw Brazilian dancing, rapping, two different bands play, Mass Choir and Slam Poetry. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


While Jim and Krissa were in town we went to Lagoon for a fun family day trip. We watched goofy movie in the giant van on the way there. Shirley packed awesome lunches to eat at Lagoon-A- Beach. We forced Krissa and Aleia to go on Wicked and they ended up loving it. Greg looked like he might puke at any moment, due to poor choices the previous night. Larry had several ice cream cones and icees. I got my corn on the cob! Kailynn definitely won the contest for being the most soaked after the Rattlesnake Rapids. Derek won Tundra a blue Jazz bear with his exceptional basket ball skills. Those prizes used to go to me, by the way! K, I'm over it. Look at the cute matching Tie Dye girls! I wish we were all matching! 

Riding the very slow Choo Choo. I was surprised by all the cool animals though. White tigers, panthers, and lions!

That's my body on Derek's shirt. I ran through the fountain with Shara and then jumped on Derek. He he.

Whole Foods & Taco Stands

Derek and I live, literally, 1 block from Trolley Square, where there is now a Whole Foods. We obviously love whole foods, but cannot afford to shop there yet. It's somewhat of a future "when we are less poor" goal. So our "now" option was to eat lunch there, because everyone always talks about how cool there little dining area is. Well, we finally did it. 

Derek obviously got a burrito, and I obviously got pizza. We're not predictable at all.

Hmm... I think he may be waiting for something to  fall off the table

One of Derek's favorite summer traditions is walking to the little taco stands that are all over the street corners in Salt Lake. So we did that with our new downtown neighbors, Devin & Candace. So excited that they live near us! We shared a giant burrito. Muy delicioso!

Looks like someone may of overdone the hot sauce
or loaded too many jalapenos. 

The Damn Family

Please excuse the profanity above. Derek really loves using the whole "Famn Damily" thingy, and the other day he thought it would just be so clever to switch it back. Funny. 
Yah, so anyway, I decided to go with it.

Last weekend, Jim, Krissa, and the girls came down from Idaho to visit for about a week. They stayed at Derek's parent's house in Sandy, so we decided to stay up there for a couple days as well. We celebrated mine, Jim's, and Kailynn's birthdays while they were here. Shirley got a delicious cookies & cream ice cream cake from Cold Stone. So yum! We opened gifts and played games with the girlies. It was a lot of fun. 

Look at Kailynn with her cute Panda mask/birthday card.
The girls giving Tundra some love

Later that night, "the grown-up kids" went up the canyon to build a fire. We all hung out and talked around the fire. Oh, and there also may have been a bit of fire dancing involved. 

Ha ha! Good times with Greg! I want Nugs!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finders Keepers

I started this series of "Finders Keepers" blogs quite some time ago, but apparently I super suck at keeping up to date on it. The funny thing is that I have so many awesome things that I could post, since all I ever do is thrift shop for treasures. So hopefully this is the start of my commitment to documenting those treasures. 

This post is mainly to show off this stellar record player I found at the DI a couple months ago. At first I thought it was just a really cool shelf of sorts. I already wanted it! Then when I look a little closer, I found out that it was a record player. Sold! I knew nothing else, the price tag said $150.00, and I was flagging down some dude to write my name on that sold tag. He goes on to tell me that earlier that day, they were in the back playing it, and it sounded great. In shock, I ask, "It works?!" He replies, "Yah", like no biggy. 
I almost peed my pants. 

Here she is.... right next to one of my older DI finds. Mustard ottoman and I have to stick together because we're pretty sure Derek has been plotting against us for years. 

Yep, it's Mitchell. And that little bulb at the bottom lights up. Love it!

Plays 3 different record sizes and the AM/FM works as well. 

I've also found a couple other tidbits recently. 

Kind of fell in love with this little treasure. That's the Hindu God, Shiva, in the middle.

As you may already know, I kind of enjoy Carly Simon. Okay that's a bit of an understatement.  Anyway, I found this album the other day. It is Carly and her sister singing together. Before Carly was even super famous. The funny thing is that Carly doesn't even seem like the lead singer on this album. Who knew?

Lastly, I bought Derek this little guy the other day, because he has been bugging me for a jalapeno tree for some time. 
So far he seems to be living just fine. He is a serious cry baby though. If I let his soil get dry for like a minute, he totally wilts like he is dead. The first day we had him, we left for a few hours and came back to this shriveled plant. We gave him water and in two minutes he was perfect again. Funny.

Monday, June 18, 2012


Yep, it's such a long title, I used an acronym.

Last Thursday was the day that Derek and I left for Europe one year ago. Time flies. So, to cure some of our longing for that summer I decided to plan a little European Adventure Anniversary Scavenger Hunt. That way we could pretend to be in Europe while trekking around Salt Lake. Lame, I know. But it was so much fun!

This was breakfast. Not really part of the European Adventure, but I had to use the  amazing bread that I begged Derek to buy at Whole Foods the day before.

Derek found this on the table when he got back from the gym

Inside was a bottle of French, pink wine, which we have only had one other time. In Paris, under the Eiffel tower.  Also in the bag was his first coordinate card.
The coordinates led us to Tony Caputo's. We took TRAX and
walked the rest of the way, just like we did all over Europe.
I even wore a backpack. 

We got a super yummy deli sandwich, a salad, and this amazing Rose Lemonade. Then his next card led us to Pioneer Park across the street. In my backpack I had a blanket and a Paris book that we read for a bit. We hung out and took naps for a couple hours. It felt like a perfect Sunday afternoon in the park, but on Thursday. 
Site seeing in SLC

Randomness on the drinking fountain as we were walking

Our next card led us to The Leonardo. It's a newish museum
that Derek had been wanting to visit for months now.

Of course, we're not very smart and we didn't get any pictures
there except for these dorky ones on the green screen. That
might be a hint that The Leonardo was quite disappointing
It felt unfinished and very kid oriented. 

Every card for the next stop, I would slip into Derek's pocket without him noticing.  It was pretty funny watching his face when he would find the next one that he was so sure wasn't in there. He is often not super aware. I love it!

We ended up at the library for his next card. I wrote the number of this book on a card and he had to find it. The next card was in the book.  
 Now, this is where the date begins to fall apart. Of course, none of these extravagant dates I plan seem to work out very well. Good thing I enjoy planning them.
The card in the book was going to lead us to Elizabeth's English bakery and Tea Room. England was the only place we had not hit yet. So we headed home to rest for a bit and pick up poor little Tundra, who had been in the kennel all day. When we got there I realized I had not checked to see what time Elizabeth's was open till. Of course, time came in and ruined our perfect day. They closed at 5:05pm and it was then 5:44. I was pretty upset, so Derek tried to find any other place that would serve British food. There was nothing, at least that was still open.
Our alternate plan was to go to Litza's Pizza because it was just down the street from us. When we got there, we saw that they had not outdoor seating and there weren't any grassy areas to eat nearby. Stupid Tundra! So we had Big Daddy's pizza in the grass on the side of the road. Real classy.
At this point I had three more cards to give, which seemed stupid now that the game was broken, but I did it anyway.

This card led us to Dolcetti Gelato up on Ninth and ninth, which was real close to Elizabeth's. So we started the day with Italian and ended the day with Italian.

Although, technically that was not supposed to be the end of the hunt. We were pretty worn out by then, and Derek reminded me that Europe was not done in one day for us, so why not drag it out a little. I still have two cards to do the next time we are not crazy busy. I can't tell you what the activity is though because Derek doesn't even know yet. 
Hopefully soon there will be another European Scavenger Hunt post. 

Today is the 12th of Sept, long after this scavenger hunt, but we finally did another part of the hunt. We went to Elizabeth's English Bakery and Tea Shop to enjoy the British section of our adventure. 

We both had English Pasty's. They were tasty. I also got some delicious English toffee.