Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ugly Sweater Party

The infamous bag of Shirley's sweaters has done it again!

I won third place this year at the Hilton Ugly Sweater party. Every year I wear one of Shirley's sweaters to a party, and almost always win something. Shara and her friends also wear the sweaters, and win ugly sweater parties. Oh, I mean "Christmas" sweater parties. We don't want to hurt any feelings.(Sorry Shirley)

Hilton had an awesome potluck and gift exchange. We exchanged Secret Santa gifts, as well as white elephant gifts. I'm pretty sure I took home the best white elephant ever. Bowling ball.....
I also got an adorable scarf from Colleen. Love it!
My boss gave us Nordstrom gift cards for winning the sweater party too!

This was the cute little gift that I broight in for some of the girls. Thank you Pinterest!

POTLUCK!! Gotta love a good potluck.

Yep, that's me. Christmas vest, collar, and bangs. I had the whole shabang this year! And I look like a 6 year old!

And when you dress up for work, boredom hits, and this happens...

This was one of the funnest gifts. It's Skittles Vodka. All the flavors of the rainbow..

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