Friday, July 27, 2012

Twilight Series: Band of Horses

We finally made it to the Twilight Concert Series. Unfortunately this is the first of the series that we have made it to so far. Hopefully more to come. Last night was a good one though, Band of Horses was pretty great!

Cole and Heather picked us up and we parked in Cole's new apartment complex that he has yet to move into. Long story. Luckily we didn't get towed. We met up with Cole's sister, Jenny. It's funny because we actually had like several other people to meet up with but none of them happened. We tried to find our neighbor Ryan forever with no luck, Jenny had a friend she tried to find, never saw him, Heather was supposed to meet up with her sister, didn't happen, and our friend Ali never found us either. Too many people at these things!

Cole's face. Ha!

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