Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fourth of July

Started off the day at work. Yep, that's what happens when you work at an event center. 

At least I got to enjoy a mini BBQ while I was there. 

Came home and napped for a minute with the Tundra

When Greg finally got his butt in gear, we ran over to U-Swirl and got some yogurt. We were already running super late, but Derek had to have his yogurt. Then we headed down to P town. 
Did I mention that Derek had this genius idea of parking way over on the South end of campus so we could beat traffic after. It actually worked like a charm, but required us to walk so freaking far to get to the stadium. 
 Side note: You gotta love Derek's model shot!

Finally, after losing my precious sour patch kids at the gate, we were in. About 2 seconds after this photo we heard the jets go across. We sprinted out! I barely saw them as they left the stadium. We were pretty sad about that. 
Dancers and smoke from the guns firing
We had a super awesome sunset too

Beach Boys!!

Love this shot

 A lot of dancing occurred 

Oh Derek...

Stadium of FIRE Baby!
Ha ha Shirley!
50th Anniversary of James Bond
The first couple firework shows were played to old Bond songs. Pretty Epic. Except they didn't play Carly's - "Nobody Does it Better"! What the heck! That's without a doubt the best one ever!

I was incredibly impressed by the Stadium of Fire show! I loved all of it. The Beach Boys were incredible! They played all the good songs! A couple people from American Idol played and they were pretty awesome too. One was country, so Derek and Greg did not enjoy, but the rest of us did. Derek and Greg were much too encompassed with the news of Nash trading to the Lakers to pay attention to anything anyway. 
The firework show seemed to go on forever. In a good way. We kept thinking it was the finale, and then it would start again. The actual finale was amazing! The last BOOM actually scared me pretty bad. I thought something malfunctioned, and the stadium blew up. It was sincerely the loudest boom I've ever heard. It shook the stadium. Derek and Greg were all jazzed! Boys love loud noises.
All in all, it was a pretty good fourth considering my beloved tradition of going to the beach all day for the Fourth.  I still don't know if anything will ever beat the long hot days spent in Oceanside, swimming, eating fried chicken and licorice, riding the carnival rides, and getting lost in the mass of people on the sand. Maybe someday Derek and I will be able to start that tradition up again. 

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