Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That's life

Sometimes you're just so sure this person is the Pinky to your Brain, the Chole to your Zoey, the kettle to your corn, the Cyndi to your Lauper, the blonde to your brunette, the Practical to your Magic, the Ethel to your Lucy, the Dairy to your Queen, and the Brown butter to your Mazithera cheese. Sometimes you find out they're just not. That's life, I guess.


Sometimes you just know that person is the silver to your gold, the partner to your travels, the Marshmallow to your Lilypad, the Eisenstein to your Bowie, the Ross to your Rachel, the Jeremy (Vince) to your John (Owen), the buffalo sauce to your ranch, the smile to your Sami, the spicy to your sweet, the tech geek to your fashion geek, the Ricky to your Lucy, the Claussen to your dill, the first every to your first thing, the Marlon to your Stella, the home where your heart is. Sometimes they tell you, they're just not anymore.

Twice in a month. This is not my year, apparently. 

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