Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tom & Candy

Tom and Candy stayed with last Thursday night. They are both from Bend, Oregon, on a road trip to Colorado to visit some friends at a Couch Crash. A Couch Crash is when the couch surfing community in a certain city gets together and plans a few days that they will all be open and available to host/entertain lots of surfers. It's pretty awesome because instead of just getting a free room and possibly some insight on the city, you get to meet tons of people from all over, and have tons of fun activities planned for you. Hopefully someday Der and I will be able to go to one or at least be involved in a Salt Lake Couch Crash. 

On their way here, Tom and Candy stopped at like every National Park they could. They told us about some of their crazy hikes through Canyon Lands. We are jealous of their hiking ability. I think I would have died about two minutes in. Well Derek is jealous of their hike in general, not their ability. That's just me! We really do need to start hiking though. There are so many places just here in Utah that we need to hike. 
We also have tons of places in Oregon to see now!

We took them to Squatters for dinner and drinks, but they treated us! We miss them already!

Taking TRAX home

P.S. Doesn't Tom totally look like Eric Bana?!

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