Thursday, July 5, 2012

I will call it my Little Buffalo Island

 On our way home from Lava Hot Springs last weekend, Derek and I stopped by the Great Salt Lake and went out to Antelope Island. We hadn't been there before and it's something that has been on our bucket list.  You really only hear bad things about the Great Salt Lake but we really just wanted to see for ourselves.

The causeway

Before I explain this picture I just want to mention that before we came out to the island we saw on the website that there was a warning about the "out of control" gnat problem they have been having. So Derek called and the lady said it was taken care of and we could go out there and have a good time.
The second we stepped out of the car, we were totally bugged with gnats. So we went down to the beach and it got worse, and worse, and horribly worse. This is right about the time I started losing my cool. I'm not exactly proud of how I handled the situation, but seriously... I cannot handle one bug! If they start coming in the masses, I'm getting the hell out of there!
The worst of it had not even shown its face yet. Do you see that line of dark sand around the water? It's not sand! It's gnats! A blanket of gnats!

Check out this poor guy's stuff.
This is precisely why I was running around the whole time. The second you sit still they cover you. 
Of course, Derek is not really bugged at all. He's such a man. After begging me to "just go out once, real quick, so we could see if we float," he gave up and decided to run out first.
Look close. You can see the gnats rising on either side of him. EEH! 

Derek eventually got his way, and talked me into running out past the gnats to the water. It actually wasn't as bad as I worked it up to be. Although I did have a hard time stopping. Derek said he thought I was just going to run forever. 
My victory jump! Fear conqueror. That's what I am!
Once we got past the shock of the whole thing, 12 year old, Destruction Derek came out to play.  It's pretty disgusting/awesome how you can see them all scattering as he steps by them. 

Antelope! That is all we saw of them, and frankly, they are quite boring
Look at my little Buffalo! He's adorable!

Yes, I am horrible and I ate a Buffalo Burger. I can love them, and the way they taste. It's not a crime!

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