Monday, July 23, 2012

Peno Meter

We finally have a jalapeno growing! And it happened so quick. Plus there is another little guy growing out too. We are excited! Not too sure why I'm so excited, I don't eat them. Nonetheless, it's still fun!

Okay it has seriously been like 2 months. Our one jalapeno has survived but never grew any bigger. We really thought he was going to die for a while. But he just hung in there. No other penos grew either.
 It was weird. 
Then... All of a sudden.... 

Our peno started turning red. I had no idea they do that. It's pretty awesome looking. Derek is now super excited to eat him because they are supposed to be hotter. Plus, look at all the flowers. Penos grow out of the flowers. It's like the whole plant went into a coma and just woke back up. Hopefully I will post a plant with many penos soon!

Finally used our one peno! Derek proceeded to mix chili in with this. Yuck!

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