Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chang Celebration

Yep, the birthday celebrations are not over yet. 
Cute Derek had another little surprise up his sleeve for Monday after we got back from our Lava Hot Springs Getaway. We went to work like usual, and then Derek text, "After work, hurry home and make yourself pretty okay?"
That usually means that were going on a date. So I came home and got a little dressed up, then waited. 
Someone knocked on the door. It's Shara. She awkwardly makes up some random excuse to why she is here. We chat and wait. 
Another knock on the door. It's Tash. She just pretends that she stopped by to give me a gift. I open the Victoria Secrets bag, knowing it's not lingerie. She always uses random bags. 
Another knock on the door. It's Cole. He acts calm and cool. No biggie. Just stopping by. Poor Cole is dead tired, and of course, super full because he over ate so bad. Stupid Cole, we're probably going out to dinner. 
At this point, I'm poking at Derek about what we’re doing and why we're just sitting on the couch still. 
Wait what? Another knock on the door? It's Ryan, our cool neighbor friend. Now it's time to go. We all hop on TRAX and head toward Main St. 
We end up at, wait for it.... P.F. Chang's! I had never been there, and people just rave about it all the time. Derek is not the biggest Chinese food fan, so we just never got around to it. Well I guess all my whining finally got to him. It pays off girls!
So we go in and sit down at our table for 12. We only have 6 people. So I'm like, "oh go ahead and take the other table and chairs away." Tash had to chime in and say we will have 12 people. What? There are more people coming? At this point, it is sinking in. Derek planned a surprise party for me. What a sweetheart. Seriously, after the whole weekend thing and all the cute little gifts. I don't deserve any more birthday stuff. But I’ll take it!
Finally, Devin, Candace, Brady, and Missy show up. Adnan with his fast, snazzy car and Emina in her high heels strut in. Andrew and Kristen claimed they were just stopping by after the soft ball game, but ended up staying for dinner. Cole only ordered edamame on account of his super full stomach, but we forced him to try everything. It's not hard to convince Cole to eat more. Tiny Shara sat Indian style next to me, and ordered the spicy caramelized mango chicken.  She's such a Hawaiian girl. Ryan got the seared Ahi tuna. It's quite the fancy looking little dish. Everyone tried a little piece, even, Derek and Shara, the fish haters. Tash got our favorite Orange Peel Chicken. Derek and I went all out and got the dinner for two. It includes two soups, an appetizer(lettuce wraps!), two entrees, and two mini desserts. Like usual, Derek got the great wall of chocolate, and I got the dreamy lemon mousse chiffon something or other. 
Afterwards, we all split up so each group with a car could take two of us that didn't. TRAX was closed by this time and we were too stuffed to walk. 
I really had an amazing time, and P.F. Chang's really lived up to its hype. I already want to go again. Derek admitted that he thought it was pretty great as well. 

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