Friday, June 7, 2013

Shara's Derby Shower

So you know all of those super cute and crafty ideas that you see on Pinterest?
The ones that you really wish you had the energy and will to even attempt....
The ones that make you wonder who in the hell 
actually pulls this stuff off...

Well one of them is my adorable cousin-in-law, Tara
She put together this amazing bridal shower for Shara. 
Derby theme!

Brace yourself.... and let the envy begin....

Such a fab idea
to have all of the girls write their advice to the bride on this chalkboard 
so she can make an album later

I am so proud of myself... 
because I actually contributed 
by making the cute buttons that everyone is wearing

Aunt Jennifer and baby Jemma

Had to have the famous sherbet punch!
I love it!

Can't forget the cheesy "Teacup" portraits!

After our scrumptious lunch 
of mini croissant sandwiches, punch, corn salsa, and fruit cookie pizzas
we headed over to watch Shara open her gifts
whilst playing some fun games. 

Thank you Shara for getting married
so we could come to such a fabulously themed party!


  1. That was awesome! You guys did such a good job! No one has ever put so much thought into a party for me before and it made me very happy.

  2. You deserve it love. It was all Tara anyway... I wish i was that crafty! :)