Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Arts Fest

The Utah Art Festival
just didn't seem to be in the cards for us this year. 
There was just no time....
Well this scenario didn't work for Kris and I.
It needed to happen. 

So we ran over on our lunch breaks from work.
It was a short trip
 but much better than just not going at all. 

Of course, we got the famous fresh cut Garlic Fries and sauce. So good!
And we split a Philly cheese steak. Yum!!
We fell in love with this piece. That is one of our fave bars in SLC.
Kris later went back an bought it. 

We forgot to get a picture of our stamps... 
so we took them separately
 and send them too each other.. (yes, we are total dorks, don't judge us)
Turns out we really think alike!! HA! 
We both took it by a flower. Seriously dorks! 

June 25thish..

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