Tuesday, June 25, 2013

She and Him vs Tilly and The Wall

This year
I had a particularly lucky and eventful 
Thanks to my wonderful friends, husband, and father.

The first Birthday event of the season
was the 
She & Him Concert 
Thanks to Amy and Kris
I was able to actually go inside and enjoy this show.
Normally I cannot afford Red Butte shows
because they are a little pricey
so Der, Tun, and I watch from the Bonneville Trail 
outside the gate. 

One of the best things about this show
was that the opening band 
was also one of my favorites!
Tilly and The Wall!!

They are such a fun band to watch too. 
They have someone that clogs the whole time
and a mob of people ran up to the stage to dance.
This is basically a seated show. 
It was such a good time!

We were so lucky to have 
had the chance to meet the band 
 and take some photos with them. 
They were totally cool!

Sadly, we were not supposed to have been taking photos
which is why there aren't many
and why the video is so short.
We were trying to be sneaky
but people were getting busted. 

Zooey came out on stage
 and she was just so tiny and adorable!
The stage looked so beautiful.
They had lights everywhere. 
Zooey played non stop.
She literally never took a break
Just song after song. 

Everyone stood up and walked to the front,
most of us barefoot
It was such a neat feeling
to be up there with all of these strangers 
that love something as much as you so. 
And you can enjoy it together for that short amount of time.
I love concerts!

June 25th

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