Friday, June 14, 2013

Chalk Fest

Der and I were in the middle of date
in which we ended up having a little extra time to kill.
So we walked over to the Gateway Mall to walk around.
To our surprise...
we found that a Chalk Festival was going on!
It was really fun to see. 
I never in a million years would have guessed that so many people out there 
were so talented at sidewalk chalk art
It was unbelievable!

Just a little taste...... and by taste, I mean... pretty much everything I saw! 
It was just too hard not to take pictures of them all. 

One of my favorites!! 
Better than a photo!! 

Of course, I had to call Kris over to see!! 
And we played at the fountain for a bit.

I really do love the Gateway Mall. 
I hope that it can keep up business with the big bad wolf (City Creek)
breathing down it's neck. 
I guess we will see. 
At least they have the movie theater!

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