Monday, June 24, 2013

The simplicity of his life...

... makes me realize the undue complexity of ours. 

It is true... 
he can't speak English, he doesn't comprehend everything we tell him, he can't read this blog, he can't get a job and help us pay the bills, he can't argue with us when he's pissed off, he can't even explain to us the pain, fear, happiness, or excitement that he feels....
Even still, he reminds me every day, of the true meaning of real life. 

That moment when your heart has been crushed, and it feels like the end of your world has just crashed through your front door without warning. 
No one can ever be forgiven, nothing will ever be forgotten, and all you will ever feel again is the unapproachable, sinking sadness that has taken over the part of your mind you once believed you had control over.

... And then, in steps this ridiculously fluffy, cloud covered paw, into the tub... he stares at you. 
Eyes full of concern. Nothing but blind, unending, deep concern.

In a tiny moment, you forget your sadness. 
A moment just barely long enough to help you realize that you had forgotten what was really important. 
You are, in this very moment, surrounded by the ones you love the most.
 The ones who love you.

What else could matter so much?
What truer meaning could there possibly be to real life?

June 24th

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