Sunday, June 16, 2013

We can't catch a fish, but we've got doggy paddle boarding down

Derek had been aching to go camping,
Cole wanted to catch some fish,
and Tundra and I just felt like tagging along.
So we drove up to the Jordanelle Reservoir,
hitch a tent, and threw some lines out into the lake. 

Tundra always insists on driving
Yes, we got a little lost...
I found my favorite caterpillar ever!! He is totally Southwest style!

It was really nice
just hanging out by the lake
eating firecrackers. (Best cracker mix ever)

It is very possible that we did not catch one, tiny fish
in the 2ish hours we were out there. 
Cole was bummed. 

We decided to be super fatties 
and have breakfast in Heber 
at this little mom and pop place
called Chick's Cafe

Seriously... we were DISGUSTING!

Homemade scones.... we had too!

Driving back to camp
we found this weird hill that you can drive up
It turned out to be some sort of memorial
It was pretty neat. 

Then we went 
It was my first time
and it was a ton of fun
but It was a super windy day
so it was actually quit difficult and tiring

Tundra is a natural

I had a hell of a time just getting that board over into the water
They seriously blow over and knock you around. 

Tundra was pretty ridiculous out there!! 
He would constantly be changing people 
because he was scared that we were in danger.
It was adorable
but super annoying

This is a pretty great series shot of Tundra trying to get up himself. 
I had made it the entire 1-2 hours without falling in the water
and on our way back in for the last time
Tundra jumps off and knocks me off the board

Paddle boarding is super fun!
I want to try it some other time when it is less windy. 
I got stuck out in the water for such a long time
just paddling as hard as I could.
I thought that I was possibly going to have to call out for help. 
Ha! That would have been embarrassing

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