Friday, June 21, 2013

Del Mar Fairgrounds

The Del Mar Fair 
is one of my dad and I's oldest and most beloved traditions.
After Moonlight Beach we headed over to the fairgrounds and had a wonderful night,
that actually turned out to be much better than expected. 

You are about to see the most EPIC trail of bunnies ever!
And I have seen a lot of cool bunnies. 

"Why, God why??? Would you ever put this much fur on someone my size!?!?"
"Whatcha got there?? Somethan good?? Gimme.... I'm not fat... "
"Hey.... just cause I can't see you doesn't mean I'm not fierce."


As we were flying over the fairgrounds
we realized we were listening to something familiar coming from the amphitheater...

It was....
Colbie Caillat

Pretty great coincidence. 
And it was a free concert. 
I had already seen her once when she opened for John Mayer a couple years ago
but it was still great. 
She had some amazing new songs out. 

We went through some fun houses....
Rode some crazy rides.....
And ate some funnel cake!

Last but certainly not least....
we ended our night with our favorite Del Mar fair tradition...
The Photo Booth!

June 21st

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