Saturday, September 28, 2013

A day at the Goon

In the Jensen family
you haven't experienced Fall in Utah 
until you have been to Frightmares at Lagoon.
We go every year 
and it's always a fun, new adventure!

This year was particularly special,
because my dad was in town!
 My dad and I had a similar tradition 
that we have had a hard time keeping up on since I moved to Utah. 
We used to go to Knotts Scary Farm every year. 
So it was PERFECT to be able to have him here!

Well known fact: the dad has always been pretty terrified of rides
He has ventured out of his comfort zone a few times here and there
but it usually doesn't end too well. 
This time we decided that he should try out the SWINGS
They were my favorite when I was little. 
He did!
And he enjoyed them! 

With the night
comes the ghouls and goblins
haunting the streets of Lagoon. 
This is the part my dad has been waiting for....
Him and I switch roles. 
Now I am the one walking around in fear. 

The only bummer about coming to these theme park events
is that they are usually so crowded,
which makes for really long lines,
which means you have to be very selective with what rides/haunted houses you choose. 
You can't make em all!

Best Vampire ever!
If there are going to be long lines,
 at least they entertain... I mean TERRIFY you,
while you wait

We only made it into two of the haunted houses
but that is just fine with me...
 I think that is about all I could handle anyway. 
I am such a chicken!

Until next year Fightmares....

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