Sunday, September 15, 2013

Farm animals, Ferris wheels, and Fried Food! What else do you need??

Being that the Fair is one of my favorite places to be,
I am sad to say that I nearly missed it this year. 
Thanks to my lovely besties, Kris and Jer, 
we made it just in time and spent a few hours 
playing in the sun and eating the monstrosities that are "fair food"
Trust me, I mean no disrespect....
 if anyone has been to any sort of fair, carnival, festival... etc.. with me,
they would know that I am the queen of the "fair food" world!
I love it all!! 
And I will try ANYTHING. 

In fact... here is Jer eating a deep fried Snickers...
Disappointing to say the least. 
We should have stuck with deep fried Oreo's or Coke. 

Kris got to fulfill her life long dream 
of wearing an animal balloon hat!
Elephant of course!

Bucket list item... check!
Can't go to a fair without the famous Corn on the Cob!
My fave!
Gotta have a corn dog! 
And no matter how fried-fooded out you are... you can't skip the Indian Fry Bread! 

Although I do love going to the fair multiple times during the season
I think we did pretty well with the time we had.
Next year I will make sure to get a night trip in too. 
There are few things as energizing and uplifting as the lights and music of a fair in the summer

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