Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sun Valley with the Peterson's

This fall we took a really fun trip to Sun Valley
to visit the Peterson's.
They live near Boise,
but we all decided to mix things up this year and play in Sun Valley.

All the Jensen's together, except for Greg. He was there in our minds :)

First stop, 
Sun Valley Gondola Ride!

We found this cool guy up there. 

Our fun little Southwestern themed rooms

Shirley loves her crystals...

Can't look like real tourists without sitting in a giant chair.

Look at that handsome boy!

The big kids snuck out and went to the Cellar Pub for a bit
of shuffle board. 

After the very grown up family photos 
that "some" people were struggling to get through...
we had to let the big boys
 play around a little 

We had a really ridiculous video 
of Derek and Ricky throwing this giant log
off of a bridge. 
It makes you think it's going to be super exciting but ends up being
fairly anticlimactic
And even more so...
being that I cannot find the video. 

On our way out of town,
looking for some famous Huckleberry ice cream
we found this really cool wicker house.

That is pretty much it... 
Sun Valley is cool. 
We really liked it :)


  1. I'm just seeing this post, I love these pictures. That was a good time :)

  2. It was a really good time!! I'm so excited for Yellowstone!!