Saturday, October 5, 2013


... has become one of our many, yearly traditions that I hold very dearly

Snowbird is such a fun place to walk around 
even when there is nothing going on,
but during Oktoberfest it is so much better!

This year I went with Amy and some of her friends.
Super fun group!
I brought Derek's giant Stein from a couple years ago. 
It was actually quite painful to lug that thing around all day 
but I had to bring it.... What else do we have it for!? 
Luckily, Amy is so nice 
and she switched off with me on holding the Stein,
so my hand wouldn't fall off. 

We had delicious Brats with mustard and Sauerkraut,
Chocolate Dipped Belgian Waffle on a stick
and Pumpkin Ale
It turned out to be such a beautiful day
which was much needed,
considering the other two times I had tried to go this year, 
it was raining and terrible outside. 

Until next year Oktoberfest....

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