Thursday, September 5, 2013


This summer we started, 
what hopefully turns into,
 a new and very long lived tradition
We made a point to attend every Twilight Concert Series show, possible. 
Well every one that appealed to us, that is. 

We did very well. 
I am actually not bummed about missing any...
other than the fact that we missed most of  Blitzen 
at the first show. 
Which is the band I wanted to see more than the headliner. 
The difficulties of trying to get such a large group of friends to an event.

Our attempt at documenting each follows: 

Twilight #1 - Blitzen Trapper and Belle & Sebastian

The first show we went to was probably the most fun 
and I think it was just because everyone was excited for the beginning 
of a great summer. 
Everyone showed up to this one
and we just had such a blast!

Oh boy....

Derek was so kind to carry all of our purses... seriously
we love him for it!

As I had mentioned before, 
we came over a little late
and missed part of Blitzen Trapper,
which was a little upsetting because they are who I was excited to see. 
I have never been much of a Belle and Sebastian fan, 
but Blitzen Trapper has like a whole year of my life trapped with it,
and it was a good year.. 


Twilight #2 - Flaming Lips with CSS

Sadly, this show was probably the most disappointing
of them all. 
We were actually very excited to see The Flaming Lips
They are sort of a band from our youth.
One that, as far as we are concerned, hasn't made any music since...
"Do you Realize?" and "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots".
They played lots and lots of music... 
and nothing that we recognized or even could say we enjoyed. 
Harsh, I know... but the truth.
I do have to say that they put on a very cool show though.
Confetti and lights flying everywhere.  

Kris and Kris's failed attempt at getting a "cute" picture
Attack of the photo bombers... and sleepy eyes.

My Super-Derek!

Twilight #3 - The National with Sharon Van Etten

For us, this was the show of all shows.
We are all HUGE fans of ... 
"The National"
So for them to be at a Twilight show
was a big deal. 
We were freaking out a little. 

Not only were we super excited to see The National
we also love love love Sharon Van Etten.

These two cuties! We miss you Scotty!

and then...
The National came on...
and blew us away!!
It was one of the best times I have had at a concert.
The energy was just so fantastic. 
These are the shows that remind you why you love music
and how much it impacts your life.
~ Thank you Matt Berninger for fulfilling our lives.  

Funny thing about this show...
For some reason, all of us girls were extra emotional.
Five of us actually shed tears at some point or another. 
All for separate reasons and at different times. 
It was really strange when we thought back to it. 

My little episode was the most ridiculous.
I literally cried because Sharon didn't play the song that I was waiting for. 
At that point in my life,
I was seriously obsessed with her song, "One Day"
It had a lot of meaning to me during that time
and when she didn't play it,
it struck a few personal cords with me
 and I just couldn't hold it in. 
Ridiculous.. right? 
But owell, it happens. 


Twilight #4 - Grizzly Bear with Youth Lagoon


These are all the shows we missed.... 

Twilight #5 - Erykah Badu with THEESatisfaction

Twilight #6 - Ludacris with Two-9 - I drove by the park during this show and it looked absolutely INSANE!! I am so glad that I did not even attempt this show. 

Twilight #7 - Kid Cudi with King Chip

Twilight #8 - Empire of the Sun with Alpine and Jesse Walker


Twilight #9 - MGMT with Kuroma

For this show,
things just got a little confused. 
Everyone came at different times and ended up in different places. 
We all love MGMT 
but I think it was just the last show 
and we were all a little burned out on the pre-planning.
It also didn't help that it was insanely crowded
Derek and I actually got stuck in a mob of people.
It got a little uncomfortable for a second. 

Fortunately, we eventually found Amy and Nicolle.
They had VIP tickets but came out to hang with us for a bit.
MGMT was great from what we actually had a chance to hear. 

And that was the end to our beloved Twilight summer
until next year TCS....

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