Monday, September 16, 2013

Don't mess with the Tundranator

I chipped my tooth.
It's right in the very front,
smack dab on the worst tooth possible.
The tooth that is already crooked and sticking out. 
Makes sense.
It was definitely in need of some more attention. 

How did I chip this tooth,
someone may ask.

Oh, you know, just the ordinary way...
Tundra and I were playing 
and we swung our heads at the perfect time
and smacked teeth. 
His tooth won. 

But it all started a long time ago,
one day in my mom's old pool in Hemet,
I was doing a back flip underwater and I smashed my tooth,
this very same tooth,
on the bottom of the pool.
It didn't chip then, but it did crack. 

So when Tundra's tooth hit,
I think it was already really weak. 
So it just sort of shattered. 
It's a small chip but still pretty noticeable.
And I cannot stop touching it with my tongue!

Luckily it is fixable. 

Wow... I look great. Only pic I have.


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