Friday, September 13, 2013

Three Birthdays at the Snowbird Lodge

As you know, 
I did the paintball thing for Der's B-day this year
But of course,
we also had to do something of his choosing...
something a little less planned out,
and something a little more comfortable

We got a room up at Snowbird...
which is seeming to be a new Birthday tradition for Derek. 
We invited a bunch of friends 
and just played all night. 

I made and brought one of Derek's favorite cakes...

Funny thing...
Turns out there were 3 Birthdays among us that night
Kyle's, Dan's, and Derek's!
So Derek was a good boy
and decided to share the love

This is what he got in return.....

I think we all know,
Derek is not one to take something like that and not dish it back. 
He's a team player!

Poor Kyle.... was a little more reluctant. 

That was our entertainment for the night...

We went out and walked around a bit...

but then we came back and crashed....

The morning came
and we all gazed at the gorgeous view 
in desperate need of coffee and pancakes. 

These fatties polished off the rest of the 7 layer dip I made, for breakfast!

This squirrel entertained us for much longer than it should have.

Then we went to the hot tub 
for a morning dip.

As per the original plan, 
we had to go check out Oktoberfest
even though it was nearly a rain storm outside. 

Drenched and sad.... 
Had to have another Brat!

Of course it starts clearing up the second we head home

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