Wednesday, September 11, 2013

D's Paintball Birthday Surprise

Every year I rack my brain 
trying to think of something better than what I did for Derek's last Birthday.
It's a difficult job. 
We have been together for quite some time now
and I am starting to run out of fun, new activities. 
I have learned that Derek is not a huge fan of gifts
so I try my darnedest to keep his Birthday's active and adventurous

I think I may have done well this year......

I was able to pull together enough of our 
amazing friends to have a 

We drove out to Action Center Paintball 
which is way out in Morgan Utah. 
Barely made it in time to play before sunset
but it turned out to be a blast
It was mine and Kris's first time playing. 
We were a little frightened 
but it didn't hurt too bad. 
Although she did get quite the bruise on her leg and neck. 

Birthday Boy all geared up!
Kris is ready to kick some ass!

Mission accomplished
on the whole new, fun Birthday activity front. 
Better start planning for next year already.