Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mount Timpanogos Summit

Here we are 
happy as can be...

 We did this hike at exactly the perfect time of year
There were wild flowers EVERYWHERE!
So I took a close up of every new one I could find....
without wasting too much hiking time.
You know Derek was somewhat competing with 
previously heard hike times.


Yes, I do run through wild flower fields like a little girl whenever I get the chance

So hiking up this mountain wasn't actually too bad
it was beautiful and not that steep.

We had snacks every so often
and just enjoyed the journey

One of the not so fun things about this hike
was that the entire time we were walking this adorable little path covered in flowers,
we were trying to ignore that fact that we were listening to 
thousands of buzzing bees right next to us. 
Freaked me out! 
Took everything I had not to just make a run for it. 

Last rocky stretch to the summit

We made it to the ridge 
and got to check out this awesome view of the valley

We made a friend

Once you reach the flat part of the summit 
after the ridge,
you pretty much think you are there...
You have much more, really steep, rocky paths to look forward to.

 We finally made it to the top!!

There is this abandoned little, look out station
that is covered in grafitti....

and pretty much nothing else. 

Just lots of other champions basking in the glory of their feat. 

My little champion
Modeling for Powerade
And now for the trek back down...

 Remember when I said that the hike up was quite the enjoyment....

To say the least
I had spoken too soon. 

The photo below should give you a faint idea 
of the 
never ending torture that we endured on the way down. 
And when I say WE... I really mean I. 
We all know I can be a real baby and Derek is just a MAN through and through. 

Once you get down from the summit 
you realize how tired you actually are. 
Your legs are starting to ache a little
 and you are super ready for an actual meal. 
Of course, you have already eaten every last bit of food in preparation for the 

The fun is over
and you are just ready to be home...
Luckily, downhill no big deal. 
So easy, you'll be there in a jiff
Downhill sucks!
My legs were just done.
They were giving out with every step
which, of course, was causing me to twist my ankles constantly
That really starts to piss you off. 

Just when we got to an overlook
thinking that we were go to see how close we really are...
we realize we can't even see the parking lot yet!

This small, rocky downhill path just never ended. 
We just kept walking and walking... and just got more and more angry. 
Ha! Poor Derek... I was so cranky by the time we finished. 

But it was worth it!!! 
Next time will be better because I will be prepared for the horrible ending to this amazing hike!

July 21st

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