Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Liberty Q

One of the many "8Ball" traditions
that I was so luckily to have been a part of
was the weekly
Monday Q
that used to be held at Cole's house in Sandy. 
Unfortunately, when everyone moved and got married
the Monday Q's began to disappear. 

So last summer 
Derek decided to give the old tradition a new name and face.
Liberty Q

Every Monday we would all gather at Liberty park
all of us bringing some sort of delicious 
edible to share. 
It was one of the best parts of this summer. 

Thanks to Kris, this is basically the only/best picture we got the whole summer.
I guess we just too busy stuffing our faces to shoot photos
Best pillow ever made!

Derek and I learned how to slackline for the first time at Liberty Q
We sort of became obsessed for a little bit
But it is a lot of fun

July 23

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