Thursday, July 4, 2013

All the lights of July

Fourth of July
this year wasn't the most eventful 
but it was special
because we got to spend it with Derek's family that usually isn't here this time of year. 
Everyone happened to be in town for Shara's wedding
so we all got to be together for the fireworks. 
We kind of just took it easy this year and watched from Liberty Park
because we can walk from our place. 
To our surprise
Liberty really put on an amazing show. 
The only problem is that you can't see!
Ha! Seriously.... 
You really can't see much at all.
There are too many trees. 

Yay for siblings!

From Liberty,
we walked to Lucky 13
which is a bar with super fantastic burgers
that just so happened to be straight across from The Bees Stadium.
We got to watch their fireworks as well!! 

Ever since I have been a part of the Jensen family
we have followed the Sandy tradition 
of going to 

This year was fun but didn't quite accomplish 
last years success. 
Last year I got to hold an alligator.
That was cool :)

Can you tell which couple just got back from their honeymoon??? Ha! 

Our third and final firework show was again at Liberty Park.
Utah's own, 24th of July Celebration
also known as Pioneer Day
This year, we certainly learned that it is about time to find a new place 
to celebrate this particular day. 
Sadly enough, Liberty has just become too crowded
and a little too youthful for the likes of 
Grandpa Der and this "Old Lady". 

All in all
the Fourth and its surrounding celebrations 
were good fun...
But I have to say that I do miss my 
days of walking barefoot down the Oceanside Pier,
flinging around, dodging chewed gum and sand, in the Zipper at the carnival, 
sprinting, screaming across the blistering sand,
munching down Stater Brothers fried chicken out of the family size box with sandy fingers,
browsing the millions of street booths full of puka shells,
catching every wave possible waiting for the one that will end your body surfing hours by kindly slamming your face into the ground,
and getting sun burnt just enough to make you pray you never have to wear clothing again. 
All to see a faint burst of color behind a blanket of clouds over the ocean. Ha!
No one wanted to see fireworks anyway.... that's not at all why we got there at 7am!
It didn't matter though.... 
We were all so tired at that point,
that we just pass out the second we enter the car
leaving my wonderful mother to drive home all alone
in bumper to bumper traffic. 
Those were the days.....
Someone please learn how to turn back time so I can go back and appreciate those days. 

July 4th

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