Monday, July 1, 2013

The Garage Surprise!

Just when I thought the Birthday celebrations were threw...
and that I was already the luckiest birthday girl around....

Derek whips out the big guns 
with a pretty epic 

He first takes me to one of my favorite 
thrift stores, allowing me to blow 50 bucks on whatever I want. 
This might sound strange for the normal girl,
but if you know me at all....
you know that there are few things in life that I enjoy more than a good treasure hunt
Very thoughtful and sweet on Der's part!

After shopping,
we headed to an unknown location for an unknown event. 

When we arrived at 
The Garage (Despite the name, it's a really fun bar and grill)
We were 2 of 5 people there. Ha!
Not the best surprise in the world 
but first impressions are not always revealing. :) 

Pardon the hair... I was in a weird "growing out the bangs" stage. 
Courtesy of Cole

Can't remember what happened here... but I'm sure it had something to do with Derek and his mischief. 

Although, Der's timing may have been a little off in the whole planning arena
the Surprise party turned out to be 
one of the funnest nights we've had
with most of our close friends in one place. 

One of the reasons we love The Garage so much 
is because they have 
the game cornhole
It's a really simple game,
but also very addictive!
We pretty much played until about everyone that was determined to make it in the hole, did.
That is pretty much how it always works. 
It is nearly impossible to quit without making it at least once.
You just get so close you can taste it
and then it becomes that thing that you will accomplish,
no matter what!
It's fun! :)  

One of the most thoughtful and loved gifts I have ever received.....
I realize that is a strong statement to make,
and it in no way over powers any previous gifts I have received in my life.
Each gift is special in its own way. 
This particular one 
was given to me by a friend who obviously pays great attention 
to her friends 
and takes the time to find something that she knows will have a special place in their heart
Well she was right,
and I hope she knows that she holds a special place in my heart...
right next to Carly Simon.  :) 

Birthday roses from Derek that morning.
They were some of the most 
beautifully colored roses I have ever seen
and they bloomed so full, 
like overnight!
I think it was because it was so hot in our apartment. 
It was really fun to watch. 

July 1st

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