Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Postal Service + ??? = !!!!

is just one of those incredibly, amazing bands 
that will just never grow old. 
Every song is your favorite,
and every time you listen to them 
you wonder why they never made another album. 
But then you realize that maybe that is the reason 
why you love it so much. 
Sometimes it is best to leave a good thing.
Sequels never satisfy. 

This summer I went to their show 
at The Saltair
with three of the best people in my life. 
It was one of my favorite things from 2013! 

The Saltair is a really fun venue 
because it overlooks the salt flats
It is just gorgeous!
But it often smells pretty bad too

The greatest thing is that most concerts tend to be around sunset
and the salt flats are a marvelous place to watch the sunset

 Now, the title may have confused those of you
who didn't previously know about this show....
Let me clear things up for you.

A small preface before the revealing:

When we found out about this show, I wasn't sure if I was going to go because it was a little more than I wanted to pay. Also I had found out that Jenny Lewis (one of my favorite artists ever!!!) was touring with them, but was NOT going to be in Salt Lake City. So obviously I was really really bummed. Well, Amy had already bought her tickets and so the night before, Kris and I decided to buy them on a whim. 
Turns out the show got canceled and pushed back to a later date. Lame. 
Our hopes for the show were getting a little shattered. 
So we get there.... and we are down on the floor, as close as we could shove to the front....
and we hear a woman's voice onstage.....
Kris looks up (she is much taller than I) and starts jumping and screaming!!!!
I am still sort of oblivious... but obviously getting my hopes up....
Luckily not in vain...

She was a surprise guest!!!! 
It was her..... she was onstage... 
Long red hair, little black dress, perfect bangs and all!!!
We honestly could not believe it!!! 
Completely made our night! 

This mans ponytail is lucky we didn't happen to have a pair of scissors with us!
My new found, "concert pet peeve"!

It was a perfect show
They were amazing together
Ben Gibbard dances a little goofy 
but we love him for it. 
And Jenny Lewis can make anyone look good. 

Lucky for us, Amy was up in the balcony with a friend
and captured this awesome shot.
It is really cool to see how many people you are among. 

You know that feeling of overwhelming gratefulness that you didn't go with your initial stance on something...

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