Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dad & Donna's Oregon Coast Adventure

A little random

but completely necessary...

This post tells the story of my dad's most recent trip to up the coast to
all the places we used to stop when I was a kid on these road trips with him. 

One of the greatest things about my dad is his attention to detail
and enthusiasm for all of the little glories in life.
Lucky for me,
that means I get to live vicariously through him
whenever he travels. 

I am sharing because I think it is such a fun way to see a place...
Completely through the eyes of someone else.

Plus he really made me laugh in some of these! 
(Every picture's caption is quoted from my (extremely enthusiastic) dad.

"Just Stopped at the intersection with James Dean was killed in his Porsche 1954! Sad! To me! He's your Carly! I wish I could have met him or raced Porsche's with him!"
"Krissy! This is where you n Derek should live! Super environmental and bohemian like you wouldn't believe! All about love, peace ,  and harmony! I want to live here! Arcata, California."
"At the beach! It's so comfortable and cool compared to home!"
"There's your dads style! 62 and sunny."
"Got Him!"
" Just saying hi! From Florence, Oregon! remember Old Town? Ate there with Grams.."
Where we ate with Grams"
"Remember this place? You and I, and Grandma."
"What do ya think? This is the view from living room!"
"View from Deck"

"Nice huh"

"The living room from the back of the house."

"In front of little eclectic store! Look at this Bench!"

"View from the living room"

"This is Trinidad, CA just above Arcata! It's 64 in foggy-sunny. Feels warm and balmy, it's awesome!! I FEEL renewed and alive!! :)"
"Entrance to house, like the black forest!"

"Sorry! Couldn't keep it a secret! :) Hope you don't have this one."
"This is a car we just saw! Morris Minor 1000! 1960. Full on cool!"

The California Coast all the way up to Oregon really is one of the most beautiful places!! 

He stopped in Oregon at our storage, to pick up some stuff for me!! 
Thanks Dad!! 

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