Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mean and Green

Halloween night there wasn't really much going on being that it was on a Wednesday. Of course, that didn't stop us from going all out on the costumes front. A few of us met up and walked around downtown. We stopped in on a few parties and maybe had a little more fun than we should have. Considering we all had to get up super early for work the next morning. No regrets though.

Costume set #2.... The Hulk and Poison Ivy

Urban Lounge was one of our stops. Too bad we never made it inside.

Kyle was probing people with his Unicorn all night. Funny stuff.

I got my dress at Decades, a vintage only thrift shop on State St. that I am absolutely in love with. I want to own everything in there, and only wear vintage forever. Derek agreed to letting me buy something there after every paycheck. Pretty excited for my first Decades check coming up!

Hulk Smash!! Tundra Smash too! Ha ha! He kills me....

Ryan was Cousin Eddie, from Christmas Vacation. If you watched those growing up you should get a kick out of this. He looks just like him.

Cole the lovable Care Bear.... "He did the glitter work himself"

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