Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kris's Sushi Party

Two Saturdays ago I planned a fun little birthday outing for adorable Miss Kris. Everyone met at our place for some pre-drinks, and then walked over to State St. for some sushi at Sapas. Such a fun place! We all ordered different rolls and shared. Kris and always talk about our addiction to the Vegas Roll, and how we need to broaden our horizons. After Sushi we walked across the street to The Bayou. One of our favorite places. We had such a fun time, ate some seriously yummy food, and met some really fun people!

Kris with her Birthday Champagne!

Walking downtown with the Birthday Princess.

Awesome decor at Sapas

I had the Bayou bring her a Birthday Cake. Chocolate, Kaluah Cheesecake!

That's Cole

Happy 25!! It's all downhill from here ;) I'm allowed to say that, because I'm there and I know how it feels.

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